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Advent Calendar Christmas Trees by Jordyn (gr.6)

At Christmas me, my sister, mother and father go in the car to buy a Christmas tree at a farm. The farm is beautiful. The trees are all cut and lined up. We go there because we have more choices and it is a more natural place to go. Plus the air is way more cleaner than at Canadian Tire when you’re trying to find a funny, coloured plastic tree to put in your living room!

Our Christmas tree is a natural one. We take natural trees because they bring a good smell and are better looking than artificial ones. I really like the smell because you can imagine that you are at camping with the trees, the semll and the beautiful land and animals.

We usually put our tree in the living room because on Christmas morning when we opent he gifts in the living room we could see the beautiful tree at the same time. When we decorate our tree we don’t have a style but more a theme like red and green glass balls that bring full of memories. It is like putting memories on a tree.

Something else we do is to go see my other part of my family which lives in the Beauce. We go there to help my grandma make her tree because my grandpa passed away and my grandma has a lot of work to do.


Artefact: Star Wars Card

Star Wars Card

Description: This artifact is 6.4 cm x 8.3 cm. It is made out of card board and was inside a gum pack.

Date: It was made in 1977.

Owner: M.C. (my mommy)

Notes: My Mom bought this card 32 years ago. In a gum pack. My mom kept it because it’s a big, big part of her childhood and it’s a collectable. She still is a Star Wars fan and we still have all the movies.

Star Wars Card Back

Artefacts are objects that human beings have made or modified.

Artefact: Star Wars – Lightsaber

Description: My Star Wars artefact is a plastic lightsaber. The lightsaber is red. The name of the owner (in Star Wars) is Count Dooku. Also the handle is curved and black with some silver.

Date: I got my light saber in 2003 in April.

Owner: The lightsaber is mine. all mine. I got it when I was small.

Notes: When I was small I was a fan of Star Wars.

StarWars School lightsabre

Blogger: Paul

Artefacts are objects that human beings have made or modified.