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Jeanne Mance and the Hotel Dieu

Do you know what the oldest hospital in Montreal, Quebec is? That ‘s right the Hôtel Dieu de Montréal. It is also one of my favourite hospitals because my 2 grandparents met there and became close friends when they were both there to visit their sick relatives. Then my parents became good friends and got married. Also my 2 great grandparents died there.

Jeanne Mance - Quebec Nurse

Jeanne Mance – Quebec Nurse

Jeanne Mance was the one who founded the hospital on October 8, 1645 , that ‘s 364 years ago. The hospital had a kitchen, 2 sick rooms and a room for her and another room for a helper. In 1645 a shipload of supplies was sent to Jeanne from the Society of Our Lady. Medicines, linens, surgical instruments, furniture and copper pots, 3 cows and 20 sheep came with the supplies. Madame de Bullion was a lady who gave Jeanne Mance money to build the hospital.

The Hôtel-Dieu was so important that when it burned down 3 times it got rebuilt each time. Can you imagine that? It is so popular that it contains more than 300 beds. Do you know how any patients it was estimated to care for between 1760? That ‘s right 82 000 patients! Isn ‘t that incredible?

I believe Jeanne Mance is a caring person because when her mother died she cared for eleven brothers and sisters. She also built the hospital to help aboriginals and devoted her life to religion,

She was born November 12, 1606 and died June 18, 1673. But sadly she died of a long and painful illness. She was so important that a street in Montreal and a public park has the name Mance.

Author: Lucky Puppy


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