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In Canada the term First Peoples refers to the original inhabitants of this land.  There are two groupings: the Inuit (aka Eskimo) and the First Nations (aka Indian). Other respectful terms for First Peoples are: Aboriginals, Amerindians (used by scholars), Autochtones (in Quebec) and Native American.

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Pequot (Algonquin) | Military History

The Pequots were part of the Algonquins. They were a very powerful tribe. The Pequots were fighting against other tribes to have a land of rich soil where they could grow corn, beans and squash.

The Pequots were one of the most warlike tribes. Before the Europeans arrived, the Pequots had maybe migrated from the Hudson River Valley in New York State. Soon after that the Puritans and other English Colonists arrived in the early 1600s.

The Pequots had won control of the Connecticut Coastal area from the Connecticut River to Rhode Island. They had even attacked and won against different Montauk tribes on Long Island.They were named the Pequots which meant destroyers.

Author: J.V. (ten yrs. old)



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Sauk (Algonquin) | Legend| The Coming Of Corn

A Sauk (Algonquin) Family in 1899

The Algonquian tribe – the Sauk (Sac)- have many legends. Here is one.

The Sauk have a legend that is about agriculture, which is called The Coming of Corn. This legend is about a beautiful woman who came down from the clouds and two Sauk men saw her. The two men gave her food because they thought she came down because she smelled the deer that they were cooking.

To thank them the beautiful woman said they would be rewarded with food. The beautiful woman told them to come back 1 year later and where she put her hands on the ground beans and corn had grown.Where she sat tobacco grew.

This legend relates to the Sauk tribe because they farmed food in the grass lands of the Mississippi valley in the summer.

by: J.L.H. (10 yrs. old)


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