Multigenre Ideas For Your Blogs

Your blog is a great place to experiment with many different forms of writing. Some forms of writing follow set patterns (e.g. lists, formal letters) while others are more free-flowing. Here are examples to get you started.

Biographical essay

A biography is an account of a person’s life. It can be strictly non-fiction (factual) but when you’re writing for a blog you will usually add a personal touch. Continue reading

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Ocean Online left this comforting message for Gary Online

Hi, I am Ocean.
Me to I had a great grand-father that died 2 weeks before I was born. It is hard to accept that but you need to accept it. But the positive side is that you have other people that love you not just your great grand-father. Hope you feel beter.
Ocean Online
P.S. keep working hard Gary.

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“The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” (Edward George Earle Bulwer)



Lab Rats Learn To “Weave Silk“

Today the lunchtime club learned how to use the program    Silk – Interactive Generative Art  to create beautiful abstract images. Here`s an example from Kimberley Online