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Every Child (Eugene Fedorenko)

4 juin 2007


Inspiration Posts | #16stubc | Challenge 3

student blogging challenge

For your 3rd post of the  MARCH 2016 STUDENT BLOGGING CHALLENGE  I asked you to write a free choice post inspired by a suggestion from another Blogging Challenge teacher. I was amazed at the wide variety of ideas and the creativity you displayed.

Here’s a small selection from the many top-quality posts!


Hayley  did an A-Z post about her passion – dancing!  Ian  wrote a short but very touching post about his desired magical power. Skylar  and Nyha also shared their feelings (peak experiences and thankfulness). Continue reading

Inspiration Posts | #16stubc | Challenge 3

student blogging challenge

I’ve been very inspired by the wide range of topics in the  blogs I’ve read in the MARCH 2016 STUDENT BLOGGING CHALLENGE   so I thought it would be fun this week to use other bloggers’ ideas as jumping off points for our own posts. This is just one other way to raise the quality of our blogs AND increase the great conversations!

So, your task this week is to find something that inspires you, to write a fresh post and then to link back to the original post that inspired you. Finally, you should acknowledge the originator of the idea and let them know about your post.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

DSC – HONG KONG Continue reading