Nightmare At School (Catherine Arcand, 2007) | Response to video

Catherine Arcands’s film Nightmare at School is about grade 6 students’ fears as they approach secondary school.  Surrealism is a style or movement in which various real objects are combined in a fantastical (or even magical) way. List some of this student’s fears and describe the surrealistic ways in which they are portrayed.

Weekly Tasks | #16stubc | Challenge 4

student blogging challenge

The complete list of suggested activities is now up at Student Blog Challenge You are free to do as many as you wish but you must do those I list below:-)

1. Writing Challenge

Choose 1 of the following:

A tourist has just arrived in  Quebec. What three activities would you suggest they do? Continue reading

Don’t Be Fooled!

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Every Child (Eugene Fedorenko)

4 juin 2007