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Advent Calendar Christmas Tree by Ned (gr.6)

It’s finally the 19th of December !!! Me and my family are going to get a natural tree for Christmas. The 19th of December is like a holiday to me and my mom because it’s like I could do whatever I want on the 19th.

When I go to Botanix for my tree on the way there from a distance I can see the biggest trees sticking up. When we enter the parking lot we see the big gates tto the entrance. When I step in I can see over 100 trees or more. I could smell the freshness of the trees. I could feel all small pines under my feet as I am walking. That’s why I call this day a holiday.

After about 10 to 15 minutes of having fun we start to look at the trees to figure out the special tree we will have for Christmas. It takes me and my mom forever to get over Christmas trees because there are about 300 or more trees to choose from. The way my tree is, is big, round, tall and fluffy with lots of pine needles and no holes in it it. I also look at if it smells because some smell more than others. I prefer the non smelling ones because they lose their pines less quickly than the smelly ones. I also ask myself if the branches are strong enough to support the weight of the ornaments. This is so important because if one branch breaks there is white, thick, sticky sap that comes out and it falls on the ornaments and makes them sticky.

After we bought the tree we try to squeeze it through the front door and into the living room. We drill 2 holes on the  bottom of the tree so it doesn’t dry out and we have like a stand for the tree so it can stand up.

Every year we have to move our T.V. The tree goes beside the fireplace because it’s my mom’s tradition from when she was young.

Here Come The Blogs!

Grade 6 – congratulations!

This weekend I became an Edublogs Supporter

so now each of you can build your own professional-looking blog.

At Edublogs you’ll be able to choose from over one hundred  ‘themes’ for your blog.

Edublogs uses a WordPress platform (like All Things Quebec) so you should find it easy to use!

Have fun!


From Dashavatars to Avatars!

An Ancient Hindu Belief

According to Hindu sacred texts the god Vishnu once descended to Earth in the form of 10 different beings (including a fish and a boar). These different forms were called Dashavatara. You can see them in the beautiful painting below (click to enlarge) which is from Jaipur, India.

Fast Forward to the 2000s

Most of you have seen James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster – Avatar – which is the story of of a man who visits a planet and interacts with aliens “virtually” through the use of a physical avatar.

And finally, many of you are familiar with the notion of an avatar because you play video games.

Why should you have your own avatar? Continue reading

Blogging And The QEP

Areas of focus for All Things Quebec Bloggers



Intellectual – To use information

To gather information

To recognize various information sources

To put information to use

Intellectual – To exercise critical judgment

To form an opinion

To express his/her judgment

To qualify his/her judgment

Methodological – To Use ICT

To master the information and communications technologies

To use information and communications technologies to carry out a task

To evaluate his/her use of information and communications technologies

Communication-Related – To Communicate Appropriately

To establish the purpose of the communication

To select the mode of communication

To carry out the communication


Media Literacy

Awareness of the place and influence of the media in his/her daily life and in society

Understanding of the way the media portray reality

Use of media-related materials and communication codes

Knowledge of and respect for individual and collective rights and responsibilities regarding the media


English Language Arts

To represent his/her literacy in different media

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Getting Ready For A Brand New School Year!

Ms. Nieradka and I took our own little field trip this summer!

Guess which country we’re going to be studying in Grade 6?

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Mrs. Theriault