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Abenaki Culture | Art Smarts Grant

Grade 5 students and families


We’ve received a grant from Arts Smart which means that we will be we able to welcome Abenaki artist Sylvain Rivard into our classroom in the third third week of January.

Before he visits he would like to know a little bit more about us, so we need to prepare some artwork for him AND fill out a little online survey. Continue reading


Hockey Poll

Martin Brodeur

I chose Martin Brodeur because I think that he is the best goalie in the NHL and he beat Patrick Roy’s record.

I will never forget the day that Martin Brodeur scored a goal in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He fired the puck high in the air and it landed in the goal.

Martin Brodeur is in the NHL since 1994 (15 years). He has always been with the New Jersey Devils his shirt number is 30.


He won 3 Stanley Cups, 4 Vezina Trophies (best goalie), 4 William M Jennings Trophy (fewest goals allowed), 1 Calder Memorial trophy (most proficient player), He played in 9 all-star games. Martin Brodeur was born May 6th, 1972.

Author: Bobby

Podnieks, Andrew. The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur.