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The Three Simple Steps To Take Over Your Blog!

For my Grade 6 students   :-)

Here’s what to do if you’d like to keep your blog for yourself.

1. Ask your parents for permission first.

2. Ask your parents to email me using the email that will be used to register the blog. This is the email address where they will receive updates whenever you post AND be able to moderate your comments.

3. Once I have parental permission and the email address, we’ll set up the blog from school.


Student Blogging Challenge 2015

March 2015 students | Student Blogging Challenge

Ms. Rombach`s Block 3-6  Class

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Lab Rats Learn To “Weave Silk“

Today the lunchtime club learned how to use the program    Silk – Interactive Generative Art  to create beautiful abstract images. Here`s an example from Kimberley Online