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Autobiographical Masks

imageWhat’s an autobiographical mask?
It’s a mask that reveals – and hides – something about the mask-maker. We designed the front of our masks to show (through symbols and colour) some facet of our character or personality that we reveal to the world. The backs of our masks symbolize our closely-held thought which are hidden or shared with those close to us. Then we created Artist Statements that described the process and the symbols we created.


Sylvain Rivard In Our Classroom

(Article transferred from ExpressionArts St-Lawrence)

On January 19th, 2010, a special guest came in our class. His name is Sylvain Rivard and he works for ArtsSmarts. He is an Amerindian (Native American). He taught us about art and he surprised me by all the new stuff he Continue reading

Here Come The Blogs!

Grade 6 – congratulations!

This weekend I became an Edublogs Supporter

so now each of you can build your own professional-looking blog.

At Edublogs you’ll be able to choose from over one hundred  ‘themes’ for your blog.

Edublogs uses a WordPress platform (like All Things Quebec) so you should find it easy to use!

Have fun!