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Mrs. Thy Thuch – Village Bank Group | Kiva Microloans

Mrs.Thy Thuch lives in Tnaot Nhi which is a village in Cambodia. Mrs.Thy Thuch and the village bank group own a farming company that provides food to the village. Mrs.Thy Thuch is 52 years old and she is a village bank president. There are 16 members in their group. She is a widow with 4 children. Mrs.Thy Thuch will use the loan to support her farm. We picked her because the loan will help her family and many other people. The peoples’ names in this group are: Mrs.Thy Thuch, Touch Soth, Ry Poak, Mai Phatt, Pha Vat, Chreod Bo, Sok Im Saren Yoeun, Khom Dang, Srey Leak Saroen, Sokha Ton, Lee Kem, Rem Pat,Chen Sroul, Vorn Torn, Kiam Torn. The loan request was $2,525.

Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives


Message from Mrs. Theriault

Here`s a video from some Cambodian students who go to Hope School. do you recognize anything of what they`re doing?

Cambodia Afterschool Program,2311.msg36225.html#msg36225

Santa Rosa De Ccotecoy Group Investment | Kiva Microloans | PIIK

Big Loans To Animal Sellers

Our group invested in a big business with 17 entrepreneurs. Two of the main entrepreneurs are Celia and Karina. Celia lives in Peru and she has two children. She buys and sells animals as a job. Celia is currently saving to buy a house and more animals to improve her business.

Karina has one child and also lives in Peru. She owns a small pharmacy and sells medicine to her community. Karina dreams of opening a clinic in her community.

Entrepreneurs 121 –  Kiva – Loans that change lives


Mayra Petrona Velasquez Investment | Kiva Microloans | Team STW

We invested in a person called Mayra Petrona Velasquez who has a tortillas making business. Her store is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She requested $500.

She is using this money to upgrade her business and to buy more stuff, like firewood, corn flour, water, matches, and other materials to make tortillas.

Our team chose her because we like tortillas. We also chose her because she needs alot of money, and also because food is important to be (or stay) alive, especially water.

Team S.T.W. (Save The World)

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Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives

Message from Mrs. Theriault


Here is a video of some Grade 6 students in a classroom in the Honduras. These students look like they`re one or two years older than you are. You need to scroll down to the 8th video – Sixth Grade Dowal School 2008:,2311.10.html