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Quebec Olympic Athletes: Vincent Marquis / Vancouver 2010

To me Vincent Marquis is a great athlete because he is going to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and he plays more than one sport also because he suffered an ACL surgery and is currently going to the Olympic 2010 in Vancouver!!!

Why did I choose to write about Marquis – for two great reasons!

1# I like skiing I learned how to ski yesterday,and I LOVED it a lot.

2# Also I chose him because he is not very old and he is a great athlete. He does freestyle skiing. I learned how to ski yesterday but still I like it and it is fun.

Now I will tell you who Vincent Marquis is. Vincent Marquis is a freestyle skier. Marquis was born in 1984 in Quebec City (Quebec). He measures 5 ft 8 inches high and he weighs 159 lbs. He is currently 26 years old. Marquis already won a freestyle ski World Cup Tour in 2008 with Alexander Bilodeau and also Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau. Continue reading

Quebec Olympic Athletes: Martin Pierre Brodeur | Vancouver 2010

Martin Pierre Brodeur was born on May 6th, 1972. He is a Canadian ice hockey goalie and is quite a bit athlete at 6 feet 2 inches and 216 pounds. Being a goalie must have been in his blood because his father was also a goalie; Denis Brodeur.

Hockey is really cool because you can express yourself in skating and shooting pucks. Because sometimes I get a bit mad but when I do hockey everything that is mad gets out.

Sometimes I go with my Dad in the morning in the arena beside my school and I could shoot pucks with my friends and my dad. The rink is outside and its a bit old The ice is not like in the inside arena but it is still fun playing with my family. It’s different because the ice has a lot more bumps and it’s smaller than a real one. Continue reading

Quebec Olympic Athletes: Caroline CalvĂ© | Vancouver 2010

Continue reading

Olympic Athletes: Roberto Luongo | Vancouver 2010

I find ice hockey fun. Trying to put the puck in the other team’s net while trying to stop them from scoring on you. I am a big fan of Roberto Luongo and hope that he helps Canada win the gold medal this year.

Roberto is currently a goaltender with the Vancouver Canucks, a team in the National Hockey League(NHL).He is thirty years old and was born on April 4 in1979. He grew up in the city of St.Leonard, Quebec and he speaks three languages: English,French and Italian. He is a big man, weighing 206 pounds and stands six foot three inches in height.

During his NHL career, he has played for the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers,before joining the Canucks. With Vancouver, he wears the number one on his jersey and is unique among goaltenders, being one of the few who have ever been chosen as team captain.

Roberto has played in many international hockey tournaments. He has played for the Canadian Junior Team on four occasions and his team won one silver medal and two gold medals during these competitions. He also has previous Olympic experience. He played in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy. He has been selected to play for Canada at this year’s Olympic Games in Vancouver. Roberto will share goaltending duties with Martin Brodeur and Marc-Andre Fleury. Continue reading