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My Tremblay Ancestors

My project is about my Tremblay ancestors. Marie-Blanche Dutil, my great-grandma on my mother’s side, was married to Rodolphe Tremblay. I know this thanks to my mother. 


Then I went to the BMS2000 and I saw their marriage records.

Now I know that Marie-Blanche’s mother was Aimee Fournier and her father was Adonias Dutil. Marie-Blanche was married to Rodolphe on July 14th, 1920 in St.Michel church in Sherbrooke, Quebec. They were Catholics. 

Canada Census 1901 

Rodolphe was living in Chicoutimi. Chicoutimi is in Quebec in the Chicoutimi & Saguenay region. Rodolphe was born on December 11th, 1897. In 1901 Rodolphe turned 3 years old. Rodolphe’s father was Henry Tremblay and his mother was Clara Sweeney. Rodolphe was single (of course). Henry Tremblay was the head of the family. That means he was the boss of the house. Nowadays we don’t put that in family records because mothers have the same level of work to do. Rodolphe also had a little sister named Ceva. In that year Ceva turned 7. She was born on July 3rd, 1893. 

Canada Census 1911 

Now, ten years later when they did the census again, Henry (my great grandfather) would celebrate his 58th birthday. Continue reading

Alphonse Perreault and Astro Taxi


I interviewed my grandfather about his work as a taxi driver. Here is what I learned.

Getting started

My grandfather told me that he wanted to be a taxi-driver because his father Alphonse had a taxicab when he was young, and my grandfather would help my grandfather to clean and repair the taxi. He told me that he began with just one taxi – number 121 – and everything worked well. You needed a taxi license and it cost ten dollars.

Property of Perreault Family

That was a lot of money at that time. Once he was holding two taxis (numbers 121 and 114) and also two licenses! The taxis had lights on the top. They were called domes. There was also lettering on the side of the taxis. My grandfather used three kinds of cars as his taxis – Ford, Dodge and Chrysler. The taxis were for work but they were also used for the family but usually for special events when there wasn’t enough place for everyone in the other cars. Continue reading

Manuel Mendes and Selene Machado: a Portuguese Story

My Portuguese origins

My grandmother Selene (my paternal grandmother) left her parents behind to go and live with Manuel Mendes and after that her parents came to Canada. Selene grew up in a rural village and so did Manuel (my paternal grandfather). Manuel went from Portugal to France and after he came to Canada so he already talked French.

This is what I learned from my interview with my grandmother Selene Machado. My grandparents Manuel Mendes and Selene Machado came from Caldas da Rainha and they speak Portuguese. They came to Canada by airplane.


The materials of this tablecloth are cotton and wool. Usually the cotton comes from the north of Portugal. My mom bought it in Portugal in 1996.

As I said, Selene left Portugal and came to Canada because she married Manuel in Caldas da Rainha and he was already here in Canada. Manuel had come to Canada for a job and to start a new life in Canada. Manuel came in 1965 and when he got here a friend was waiting for him. Selene came in 1967. They arrived in Dorval and settled in Montreal North. Selene says she felt happy to come live in a country she didn’t know. She got here during winter and she had never seen so much snow! Continue reading