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Advent Calendar Christmas Tree by Brittney (gr.6)

In the cold December me and my family go out to find a beautiful bushy green tree. When we go to the shop, we usually spend almost an hour looking for the best tree they’ve got.

My father doesn’t care which one is picked, so he usually talks to the person that works at the shop. My brother walks with me and my mom through all the beautiful trees and asks which one is good. My mom is kinda picky with her trees. It could be too short or to long or even there would be a spot in the tree that’s bare. If I really like a tree and ask if we could take it, my mom usually says no because it’s not perfect. But after all that we always get the perfect, beautiful bushy natural tree.

My father and my brother pick the tree up and lift it into the back of my truck. When we get home, my father hauls it inside through the front door, my brotehr grabs the trunk and tries to help. We lay it in the center of the living room and my father drills ahole at the bottom of it. Me and my mom put it into the stand and we wait for all the branches to fall into place. While my family is waiting, I alwayts hve to vacuum the pines that fall on the stairs. I’m always anxious to decoreate the tree, sometimes I nag my mom to decorate the tree. She gets mad at me, but I don’t mind.

Las year we put the ree in a corner, where our closet is. Now I’m not sure because there is a lot of stuff in that spot.

My Mom’s Apple Crumble for Family Recipe Friday

Originally published at Jane’s Blog. Jane is 11 years old.

What I like most about apple crumble is of course the taste of fresh heated apples with good sauce on it that has cinnamon in it, (there’s more stuff in the sauce though) and how the taste is sugary. I save the crust for last because I love the crunchy part of crusts!!!  Apple crumble is my favourite dessert.

My mom makes it from scratch. She went on a site, printed the paper and followed the directions. But now if were having a party or people coming over, that’s when we mostly do it. We also buy it from the store when we don’t have time to make it.

My mother comes from Chile but moved in Canada in 1975 when she was 5 years old. There are good desserts from Chile that my grandmother does,Apple Crumble, WikiMedia Commonsbut with my mom, we like to make recipes from Quebec like the apple crumbles (but we can still make those recipes my grandmother does). Of course there are good, and tasty apples in Chile and my grandmother makes an apple dessert that is called Kuchen de manzana. It is like an apple strudel or a typical dessert from Chile is called Brazo de reina that is a cake with a kind of caramel in it. But my favourite is the apple crumble (or apple pies) Maybe someday I’ll share the recipe of Brazo de reina from my grandmother, and of course I will have to translate it in English with the help of my mom so you can taste this excellent dessert!!

I like to eat apple crumble at any time of the year (almost all the time) but mostly when it’s a supper. I’m lucky, because each time we have apple crumbles, the rest of my family don’t eat too much and there is more for ME. We can also save some for other days. Continue reading

Family Recipe Friday | History-making kids | Mia’s Shortbread Cookies for Family Recipe Friday

Recipe, Mia's grandmotherThis is a recipe for Shortbread cookies with sprinkles on top. There are usually green or red sprinkles on top. So you can guess what season it is for – Christmas!!

What I love the most about shortbread cookies are that when you put them on your tongue and you suck on them – they melt in your mouth. They taste so good and so smooth and creamy!

Originally published at Mia’s Blog.  Mia is 11 yrs. old.

Family Recipe Friday by “History-making Students” | Cheese Empanadas

Empanadas de carne fritas Source WikiMedia Commons(Republished from  Ashley’s Blog.  Ashley is 11 yrs. old.)

When I bite inside an empanada it is very crunchy, hot, and the melted cheese is UNBELIEVABLE! Mmmmmmm. I do these cheese empanadas with my mom from scratch. We make them together. This recipe really comes from Chile. My grandma gave the recipe to my mom. We also make some meat empanadas but I prefer cheese empanadas. The whole family makes them. I once went to Chile, and I ate some over there at my mom’s uncle’s house, and they were really good. Last week we ate some at my aunt’s house and we ate some at home in the same week!  We mostly eat them for lunch, snack, and dinner and we mostly eat them in in winter because they are hot. For me I would eat them all the time! :) I can`t really say who makes the best because they are all so good!

Cheese Empanadas


– Mozzarella cheese (cut in big squares)

– 5 cups of flour Continue reading

Artefact: Star Wars Lego Videogames

StarWars LegoDescription: I have two Star Wars Lego video games! These video games play on Playstation 2.  This is a compact disc.The names of these two video games are Lego Star Wars the Video game and Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy

Date: I got these two video games on November 22, 2008 (my birthday)

Owner: I am the owner of these two Star Wars video games

Notes: What happens in these video games is that you need to reproduce all the Star Wars but in Legos !!! You can build and ride vehicles, mix and match character or play with a buddy !!

Blogger: Jim

Something to think about:

Did PlayStations exist when the first Star Wars movie came out in the theatre?

Did Legos exist?

What does Lego have to do with Star Wars?

Artefact: Star Wars Lightsaber of Darth Maul

StarWars School metal lightsaber

Description: This is from the 2004 episode 1 Darth Maul battle damaged lightsaber. It was molded after the lightsaber Obi wan Kenobi severed in the battle to the death between him and Darth Maul. It is made of some kind of metal.

Date: I think it was made in 2004 by Master replicas. I don’t remember exactly when I got it.

Owner: Giles

Notes: It is very special to me because my dad put a lot of effort in to getting it. He was trying hard to find and get it.

Blogger: Giles

Something to think about:

What might someone learn about you, if they looked at this artefact 50 years from now?