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Advent Calendar Christmas trees by Ryan (gr.6) | History-making kids

Every year my mom goes to buy a beautiful Christmas tree. She always makes sure that tree is not too big or too small. She always gets a nice wide tree. The trees my mom gets always make me happy. She puts the tree in the corner of my living room. My dog is confused when he sees the tree, wondering why the tree is in the house?

We put it in a tree stand and water it every day. My mom puts a small carpet around the bottom of the tree. On top of our tree we have something that points up instead of a star. We don’t get an artificial trees but we use to have one a long time ago.

Last year it was my dog’s first Christmas and he always was going to the tree and sniffing it and tried eating it and even knocked down a decoration. My dog was so silly but at the same time bad. Maybe he just is not used to the tree but last year he could not do anything to the tree when I was at school because we had gates up. Did you ever have your pet mess with your decorations?

Interview with my dad

Me: How tall was your Christmas tree?

My dad: In 1979 my dad’s brother and himself selected a tree on a tree farm and they didn’t notice that tree was 18 ft. and the floor to ceiling was 8 ft!

Me: Was your tree real or artificial?

My dadMy dad’s family has tried artificial trees but they prefer real ones because of the odour and appearance.

Me: Where did you buy your tree?

My dad: In recent years my family has purchased trees in Laprairie at the Farmer’s Market.

Me: What special moments did you have with your tree?

My dad: When my mom and my dad had their first German Shepard it ate all thelower decorations!

Me: Did your tree have a theme?

My dad: We tried having a theme of past and future.



Advent Calendar Christmas tree by Gordon (gr.6)

In the beginning of December my mom and dad go to my backyard to get a tree. We never buy a tree because my backyard is filled with pine trees but we are running out of trees so we are going to have to get trees from the store.

If I could remember I think that my grandfather gets it in front of the Canadian Tire. The pine trees are good there – very green and big. “It’s a good store to get tires”, my dad said, but we are not talking about tires are we? So let’s get back to  what we were are taking about – trees.

The way we choose our trees is we would bring a measuring tape and measure how wide it is and how tall it is, to see if it is as tall as the blackboard. We want it green – really green! It looks good green. But they are not always green. At the end of December the tree is orange and it gets your house full of those spiky things all over the ground.

After my mom and dad get the tree out of the house my mom walks in and says, when I am playing on the Playstation or WIII “”Go clean the living room“” and I’m like “”Mom I didn’t do the mess!”

Advent Calendar Christmas Tree by Brittney (gr.6)

In the cold December me and my family go out to find a beautiful bushy green tree. When we go to the shop, we usually spend almost an hour looking for the best tree they’ve got.

My father doesn’t care which one is picked, so he usually talks to the person that works at the shop. My brother walks with me and my mom through all the beautiful trees and asks which one is good. My mom is kinda picky with her trees. It could be too short or to long or even there would be a spot in the tree that’s bare. If I really like a tree and ask if we could take it, my mom usually says no because it’s not perfect. But after all that we always get the perfect, beautiful bushy natural tree.

My father and my brother pick the tree up and lift it into the back of my truck. When we get home, my father hauls it inside through the front door, my brotehr grabs the trunk and tries to help. We lay it in the center of the living room and my father drills ahole at the bottom of it. Me and my mom put it into the stand and we wait for all the branches to fall into place. While my family is waiting, I alwayts hve to vacuum the pines that fall on the stairs. I’m always anxious to decoreate the tree, sometimes I nag my mom to decorate the tree. She gets mad at me, but I don’t mind.

Las year we put the ree in a corner, where our closet is. Now I’m not sure because there is a lot of stuff in that spot.

My Mom’s Apple Crumble

Originally published by Jane when she was 11 years old.

What I like most about apple crumble is of course the taste of fresh heated apples with good sauce on it that has cinnamon in it, (there’s more stuff in the sauce though) and how the taste is sugary. I save the crust for last because I love the crunchy part of crusts!!!  Apple crumble is my favourite dessert.

My mom makes it from scratch. She went on a site, printed the paper and followed the directions. But now if were having a party or people coming over, that’s when we mostly do it. We also buy it from the store when we don’t have time to make it.

My mother comes from Chile but moved in Canada in 1975 when she was 5 years old. There are good desserts from Chile that my grandmother does,Apple Crumble, WikiMedia Commonsbut with my mom, we like to make recipes from Quebec like the apple crumbles (but we can still make those recipes my grandmother does). Of course there are good, and tasty apples in Chile and my grandmother makes an apple dessert that is called Kuchen de manzana. It is like an apple strudel or a typical dessert from Chile is called Brazo de reina that is a cake with a kind of caramel in it. But my favourite is the apple crumble (or apple pies) Maybe someday I’ll share the recipe of Brazo de reina from my grandmother, and of course I will have to translate it in English with the help of my mom so you can taste this excellent dessert!!

I like to eat apple crumble at any time of the year (almost all the time) but mostly when it’s a supper. I’m lucky, because each time we have apple crumbles, the rest of my family don’t eat too much and there is more for ME. We can also save some for other days.

How to make an Apple Crumble

Ingredients: (you will need a measuring cup and spoons)

– ¾ cups of flour

– 1 cup of oatmeal

– ¼ tea spoons of nutmeg

– ½ cup of brown sugar

-1/2 cup of margarine

-1/2 tea spoon of cinnamon


7 apples (with no skin)

1/3 cups of brown sugar

1 table spoon of lemon juice


1. Before starting this recipe, warm up your oven to 375˚F. Cut all the apples in small pieces and mix it up with the brown sugar, and the lemon juice. (From the Garniture)

2. Place in a baking dish lightly greased.

3. In a bowl, mix together all other ingredients except margarine. Undo margarine to make it creamy and stir into the dry ingredients.

4. Spread this mixture over apples

5. Bake at 375˚F for about 30 minutes.

And There You Go Everyone! An Apple Crumble!