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To Censor Or Not To Censor – That Is The Question!

In our Social Studies course this week we’ve been discussing democracy and democratic values, and we’ve learned that two hallmarks of democracy are  freedom of expressionand a free press. Blogging is very democratic because it’s a new way for us to express ourselves freely and share our thoughts with the whole world.  In fact, in  non-democratic countries people are not allowed to blog at all. In democracies-in-transition some people may be allowed to blog, but their blogs will be censored. This means that someone (a censor) reads the blog and takes out anything that they don’t want people to read. This is also be called the suppression of information. So, according to our democratic ideals ….. Continue reading

From Dashavatars to Avatars!

An Ancient Hindu Belief

According to Hindu sacred texts the god Vishnu once descended to Earth in the form of 10 different beings (including a fish and a boar). These different forms were called Dashavatara. You can see them in the beautiful painting below (click to enlarge) which is from Jaipur, India.

Fast Forward to the 2000s

Most of you have seen James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster – Avatar – which is the story of of a man who visits a planet and interacts with aliens “virtually” through the use of a physical avatar.

And finally, many of you are familiar with the notion of an avatar because you play video games.

Why should you have your own avatar? Continue reading

Telling Right From Wrong – Decisions, Decisions!

What’s right?    What’s wrong?

How do you make up your mind about what’s right and what’s wrong?

Besides your family, what is the greatest influence on your ideas?

Schoolboys – do you want to make money during your holidays?

This page is from the Montreal newspaper The Daily World. It appeared in 1926.  Do you think this ad conveys the same feeling and ideas as the artwork in the  Money Makers post? Are they talking about the same thing? Continue reading