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Some New Blogs In Town!

If you happen to be reading here over your 4 day weekend, I wanted you to know about these relatively new blogs coming from Ms. Rombach’s class (U.S.A.) which I don’t think we’ve visited yet. Most of these bloggers are just starting out but their work already looks quite interesting!  If you want to get a headstart and leave some comments over the weekend,  please keep track of the name(s) of the blog(s) and let me know when you get back next week  :-)

Across the galaxy

Amandas Soccer iCandy Continue reading

March 2016 Student Blogging Challenge 1 | Avatars & About Me

Here we go! Miss W just posted the first student blogging challenge of 2016 so let’s get started.

student blogging challenge

Activity 1 Avatars * optional *

If you’d like to create a new avatar, feel free to try out one of Miss W’s suggestions. Don’t forget to save the image as a jpg on your USB key (or meet me in the lab at lunch).

Activity 2 About Me * obligatory *

It’s time to give your About Me a make over.

Step 1 Create a rich profile that includes:

a. the basics (i.e. blog name, age, grade, school, location, family, languages spoken) Continue reading

Hour of Code Anybody can learn

or PROGRAMMING  Links in the right sidebar



Bulletin Board

Who was on television last year?

Whose dog was hit by a car?

Whose dad is an Ironman?

What made Kane start crying?

Can dummies write stories?

Who’s got a brand new set of drums?

Pssst! Want to learn a new secret code?


Quack! Quack! Quack!

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December 8 – Hour of Code!

So what are you waiting for? – Start coding!

We all participated  :-) Continue reading