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4 juin 2007

SPOTLIGHT ON … Great Titles

Great posts have GREAT TITLES!

– Examples from Live Blogs –

Make it out alive by Austin Online

Where I stood still by Geoff Online

I’m a sandwich by Mackenzie Online

Fire Beetle With Horns by Nicholas Online

Flowertastic by Sabrina Online

Ah! Nature by Tony Online Continue reading

Online Bulletin Board

This week we brought more than 50 new blogs online. Bravo to all the students for their hard work creating content and mastering the basic skills to create blog posts and inserting images. I couldn’t be prouder of all of you!

Please congratulate 3 new Tech Desk members

Jake Online  –  Rebecca Online  –  Penelope Online

Congratulations to the students behind

Kane Online  and  Nicholas Online

for becoming the first two members of our Tech Desk!

Life Outside The Classroom – Autism Awareness Walk | Soutien Autism(e) Support

Many members of the St-Lawrence Community went for a brisk walk today. I was glad to see so many students from our own class!

Mrs. Theriault