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From Dashavatars to Avatars!

An Ancient Hindu Belief

According to Hindu sacred texts the god Vishnu once descended to Earth in the form of 10 different beings (including a fish and a boar). These different forms were called Dashavatara. You can see them in the beautiful painting below (click to enlarge) which is from Jaipur, India.

Fast Forward to the 2000s

Most of you have seen James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster – Avatar – which is the story of of a man who visits a planet and interacts with aliens “virtually” through the use of a physical avatar.

And finally, many of you are familiar with the notion of an avatar because you play video games.

Why should you have your own avatar? Continue reading

Student Challenge 1 | Blog Challenge 2010

Boys and girls, your first Better Bloggers Challenge is to leave a total of 10 comments on other students’ blogs.

This shouldn’t be too hard as you’re already such seasoned commentators!

Round Up! | Student Blogs From Around The World

Now that we’re part of the Blog Challenge network, I’ve been visiting dozens of blogs from around the world. I thought it would be fun to feature some of our favourites here on All Things Quebec. I’m going to start the ball rolling today, but in the future I’m going to ask you students to choose your favourites!

In her post Girls Are Better Than Boys blogger Ambernathee discusses whether life is better as a girl or a boy. What do you think?

Ashleigh’s Canada Survey poses some interesting questions about school and friendship.

Sports car lovers should check out this green Lamborghini. on Goode’s Blog. I think Ferraris are the best high-powered sports cars. What about you?

Grab a hanky and read Pickles, one of the best recounts that I’ve read in quite  awhile. What a wonderful tribute by student blogger Emma.

New Zealander Antonio wrote an informative piece How an Major Eartquake Affects a City. Someone should leave him a link to our post that asks for comments about the earthquake! Any volunteers?

I Went to a Quincenera Party!!!!! is a really intriguing post by Vanessa. What do you suppose a Quincenera is?

Lego lover alert! James has several interests including Legos. I know that quite a few of you will have something to say about this!

Jesse tells us about his favourite video game in his post Just Cause2. I often hear you discussing your favourite games but I don’t remember hearing about this one! I wonder if Canadian students play this game?

Don’t forget to check out Faith’s post Who likes soccer!!!! for a great picture. I know a lot of you will love this one!

Yanni has a really colourful Animoto graphic. What is Animoto, you ask? I have no idea – but it looks like fun!

Featured Blogs

In his post World Famous, Mr. Ferreirae mentioned The Round-Up and asks his students to find out where Quebec is. Let’s see if they succeed – and in the meantime, do you know where California is?

Message For Our New Friends in New Zealand!

While we were away from school for the long Labour Day weekend, we were horrified to learn  from television and the newspapers that there had been an earthquake in New Zealand. We’ve been discussing it and the students would love to hear about this from New Zealand students.

Did you feel the earthquake in your school?

How bad was the earthquake?

Was anyone hurt?

How much damage did it do?

Did it knock out your power?

Did it hit all of New Zealand or just a small part?

Did you ever feel an earthquake?

One student went to a place where they simulate earthquakes and give numbers like 4.4.

What was the number of your earthquake?

Update: Check the Comment box below for a message from Mr. Webb of  Waikato, N.Z. and Ms Bee of Dunedin, N.Z.

Challenge Yourself To Blog | September 2010

As I write this, the 2010/2011 school year has yet to start but I couldn’t wait to let everyone know about a new activity I’ve found that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

It’s called “Challenge Yourself To Blog”. Since this very special project was started, thousands of students have participated (via their classroom blogs) in a series of challenges that have helped them improve their blogging skills. But what I find especially exciting is that you will also have the opportunity to comment on each other’s blogs and to  “meet” students from around the world.

Teachers have already started registering their blogs for next Challenge which begins at the end of September.  If you’re curious to see the entries so far (including ours), then copy/paste this url into your address bar: