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Four Weeks To A Gold Medal Blog | Week 1

gold medalYour blog is off and running!  Now let’s kick it up a notch by adding  more high-quality content!

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Bloggers, Get On Your Mark, Ready, Set, Go! / 10 DAY – 1000 WORD CHALLENGE

Well –  your blogs are up-and-running and now it’s time for Guess Who to take charge!

(Guess Who = Yes, You :-) )

Your challenge is to put 1000 words of quality text on your blog over the next 10 days.


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How To Put Images On Your WordPress Blog

Save the image

Right-click on the image with your mouse.

A little menu will open. Choose SAVE IMAGE AS ….

A new screen will open. Choose DESKTOP and Name your file as follows: your fake name & object (e.g. Karen, car)

Resize the image

Right-click on your image (which you should find on the desktop)

A little menu will open. Choose OPEN WITH Microsoft Office Picture Manager

A new screen will open. Choose PICTURE and then resize

Don’t forget to SAVE again before closing.

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Round Up! | Student Blogs From Around The World (2)

Some of you may have noticed a new link in our blogroll –

year 6A 2010…for reading, writing, thinking and sharing

I thought this link might interest you because much of what this Australian class is doing (and thinking about) seems be in sync with what we’re doing (and thinking about). For example, just as we’ve been thinking about the keys to success in high school in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies, Mr. Rogers’ students have been thinking about similar ideas through a program  called “Habits of Mind”. In both cases, what we’re doing comes under the category of metacognition – “thinking about thinking” and “knowing about knowing”. And that is the key to long term success.

Later this week – once you’ve finished updating your own blog pages – I’d like you to visit some of the Year 6A 2010 student blogs. You’ll notice that their blogs have a focus that  is quite different from that of the blogs that we’ve been visiting so far. Please let me know what you think about these differences and what you think we might be able to emulate in our own blogs.