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Blogging And The QEP

Areas of focus for All Things Quebec Bloggers



Intellectual – To use information

To gather information

To recognize various information sources

To put information to use

Intellectual – To exercise critical judgment

To form an opinion

To express his/her judgment

To qualify his/her judgment

Methodological – To Use ICT

To master the information and communications technologies

To use information and communications technologies to carry out a task

To evaluate his/her use of information and communications technologies

Communication-Related – To Communicate Appropriately

To establish the purpose of the communication

To select the mode of communication

To carry out the communication


Media Literacy

Awareness of the place and influence of the media in his/her daily life and in society

Understanding of the way the media portray reality

Use of media-related materials and communication codes

Knowledge of and respect for individual and collective rights and responsibilities regarding the media


English Language Arts

To represent his/her literacy in different media

Dear Grade 6

Thank you for being such a great group of students- you’ve made teaching such a great joy!

I’m very proud of you for everything you’ve done all year including this brand-new blog, You are the first St-Lawrence students to write a blog like this and you’ve started a great project for next year’s students.

Have fun in high school!

Mrs. Theriault