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How to put the Edublogger Student Challenge Badge In Your Sidebar

student blogging challengeLike this badge? Now that you’ve signed up for the 2014 Student Blogging Challenge you’re entitled to post this beautiful badge in your sidebar.

This is where you can find the badge and general instructions.

Online Bulletin Board

Have a great March break, everyone!

Here’s a message from Mr. Hope of Australia:

“Mrs Theriault, Thank you so much for encouraging your students to contact the wonderful young bloggers of LA19. The students were thrilled to receive messages from Canada and have enjoyed planning their comments to post on your students’ blogs. The whole process has been very inspirational, especially for my first time bloggers. Kind regards – Mr. Hope”

Edublog-finalist-1ozhde6Every year the people at  Edu-Blogs   run a competition for the Best Student Blog. This year three St. Lawrence School student blogs made the shortlist from among several thousand nominations! They are Sofia OnlineChristina Online   and  Dave OnlineVoting is now closed for the Best Student Blog Award. Congratulations again to the three students who made  the finals – and congratulations to all our other fine bloggers!


Four Weeks To A Gold Medal Blog | Week 2

Time to hit the pause button!


Step 1  Edit blog content.

Step 2 Revise blog content.

Step 3  Install widgets.  Continue reading

Four Weeks To A Gold Medal Blog | Week 1

gold medalYour blog is off and running!  Now let’s kick it up a notch by adding  more high-quality content!

IDEA OF THE WEEK:  Sochi 2014 Olympics Continue reading

Writing Prompts For Student Bloggers

How To WRITE A Family Recipe Post

How To WRITE An Interview Post

How To Do An Interview Post | Blog Fodder Series(2)

You need: introduction + transcript/information + image

Interviews are not just for famous people. We all know people with interesting stories or information to share and interviews are a great way to do this. Sometimes people use interviews to creat a mini-biography of a person’s life – although it is usually easier to focus on just one aspect or one important event or period in someone’s life. If you’re not sure where to start then check out some of the links below for ideas.

Your post should begin with an introduction.

This let your reader know who you’re going to be talking about. You might want to tell readers why you chose to interview this particular person. Were you curious about something? Continue reading