Some New Blogs In Town!

If you happen to be reading here over your 4 day weekend, I wanted you to know about these relatively new blogs coming from Ms. Rombach’s class (U.S.A.) which I don’t think we’ve visited yet. Most of these bloggers are just starting out but their work already looks quite interesting!  If you want to get a headstart and leave some comments over the weekend,  please keep track of the name(s) of the blog(s) and let me know when you get back next week  🙂

Across the galaxy

Amandas Soccer iCandy

Beachy Turtle

Bitty Baker

Equan’s Blog

Goal Scoring Flamingos


Kakashi Hatake

MC Sprinkles & Stories

Metal Addict

Nia’s Blog

One Crafty Cat

Saltwater Duck

Seasalt Writings


Sprinkled Ice Cream

Sugar Cupcake

SuperMan Sam

The Anonymous Alpaca

The Anonymous News Reporter

The Artistic Gamer

The Dirt Bike Dog

The Flipping Cupcake

The Funny Bunny

The Lobster’s Blog

The Musical Waffle

The Rebel Ballerina

The Sparkly Lion

The Trinity Blog

The Virtual Gamer

Theater Geek 101

Tiki Torch Talks

Tingling Tuba

Trivia with Thiviya

V-Ball Piano Player

Zelda Land


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