Weekly Tasks | #16stubc | Challenge 4

student blogging challenge

The complete list of suggested activities is now up at Student Blog Challenge You are free to do as many as you wish but you must do those I list below 🙂

1. Writing Challenge

Choose 1 of the following:

A tourist has just arrived in  Quebec. What three activities would you suggest they do?

Describe 1 great activity to do in Quebec that you’ve already done. *If possible, include original photographs*Tell your readers about a place you’d like to visit and why.

2. Commenting Challenge

Visit 5 class or student blogs from around the world and ask a question.

Grade 6 only – Visit your Blog Squad team-mates and leave a comment on your favourite post in each blog.

3. Technology Challenge

Add 1 of the following visitor widgets to your sidebar:

Revolver Maps

flag counter

OR – if you already have a visitor widget, add 1 of these widgets related to where we live

World Clock Widget – World Time

the human calendar®: portable calendars



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