Nightmare At School (Catherine Arcand, 2007) | Response to video

Catherine Arcands’s film Nightmare at School is about grade 6 students’ fears as they approach secondary school.  Surrealism is a style or movement in which various real objects are combined in a fantastical (or even magical) way. List some of this student’s fears and describe the surrealistic ways in which they are portrayed.


One response to “Nightmare At School (Catherine Arcand, 2007) | Response to video

  1. Hi, it’s me, Sionra Online! (
    I, myself, think that the main character in the video is scared of at least three things.
    When the boy accidentally trips and falls into the classroom scene, he is laughed at by the larger kids. He seems embarrassed, and no one wants to be laughed at. He has the same expression when he is seen ‘nude’ in another classroom (which is possibly a Drama class by the looks of it). He tries his best to cover up, and he runs away.
    2-An empty future or death
    When the boy is observing his own portrait, he realizes it’s blank of all his facial features. His face is pure black, which is a color most associated with death. He backs away from it, distressed from the sight of an unclear future awaiting him. Compared to his friends’ portraits, he has a darker future that seems struck with something bad.
    3-Getting in trouble
    When the principal steps into the classroom, the boy is frightful and confused a bit. Everyone knows that if your principal comes into your classroom, there is a chance someone did something wrong. The boy runs off in a hurry, followed by the principal whom steps away down a hallway. And when the boy is in the office, he abruptly stops the violin-playing principal in the middle of his song. The boy is also confused while the man played the violin (just like me, a tiny bit)

    Though the 3rd one may not mean much, the two others are probably correct.

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