Inspiration Posts | #16stubc | Challenge 3

student blogging challenge

For your 3rd post of the  MARCH 2016 STUDENT BLOGGING CHALLENGE  I asked you to write a free choice post inspired by a suggestion from another Blogging Challenge teacher. I was amazed at the wide variety of ideas and the creativity you displayed.

Here’s a small selection from the many top-quality posts!


Hayley  did an A-Z post about her passion – dancing!  Ian  wrote a short but very touching post about his desired magical power. Skylar  and Nyha also shared their feelings (peak experiences and thankfulness).

Miss Hecker | USA

Bethany‘s post was quite a surprise! She chose the family interview option and let us in on a little secret about her father! Amy  tells us why she thinks the car is the best invention and  Bobby  shares his idea for the world’s coolest invention.

Mr. Chris Hope | AUS   

Edna  and Kristina  were both inspired to write posts related to music and their personalities shine through in every sentence!

Mrs. Mackrell | AUS  

Jeff  and Mackenzie  and  Rico wrote  “vs.” posts (mouth-watering ice cream vs. cake, fast-paced Crosby vs. Ovechkin and finally the very informative Neymar Jr. VS C. Ronaldo).

Mrs. Whittle | TX  

Corey  and Kane both gave some thought to the idea of life without technology.


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