March 2016 Student Blogging Challenge 1 | Avatars & About Me

Here we go! Miss W just posted the first student blogging challenge of 2016 so let’s get started.

student blogging challenge

Activity 1 Avatars * optional *

If you’d like to create a new avatar, feel free to try out one of Miss W’s suggestions. Don’t forget to save the image as a jpg on your USB key (or meet me in the lab at lunch).

Activity 2 About Me * obligatory *

It’s time to give your About Me a make over.

Step 1 Create a rich profile that includes:

a. the basics (i.e. blog name, age, grade, school, location, family, languages spoken)

b. an engaging and personalized blurb (i.e. passions, interesting facts, hope and dreams)

c. a description of what readers will find on your blog including the dual purposes of the blog (i.e. assignments vs. free writing) as well as the types of posts

Miss. W. gives several examples of posts with a strong voice: PenelopeWarrior KatHarryDanielaMikailaRebecca

Step 2 Evaluate the About Me of your Blog Squad classmates and consider their feedback on yours.


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