March 2016 Student Blogging Challenge | Mentors

student blogging challenge

Update Week 3

There are now comments from a few new mentors as well as others who are coming back for a 2nd (or 3rd!) visit. Don’t forget to check your Recent Comments regularly!

🙂   Please remember to acknowledge all comments from volunteer mentors within 7 days  🙂

If you have any questions please come see me.

Update Week 2

Some mentors have noted that you don’t have avatars. Feel free to explain that you can’t have a true avatar that accompanies your comments because you are all using my emails.

If your mentor made a suggestion and you’ve decided to make changes/additions to your blog, be ready to do so during computer lab on Thursday 🙂

 *  *  *  *  *

I’m so pleased to let you know that as of today every one of our students in the Brown, Magenta and Purple groups now has an official Edublogs Student Challenge Mentor.

Your mentor is an adult volunteer  who will visit your blog at least 3 times over the course of the challenge. Your mentor will be checking that you are completing the Challenge tasks and he or she will also available for guidance should you need it.

If a mentor should happen to leave a comment on your site please don’t forget to reply to the comment as quickly as possible.

Here are our mentors for the March 2016 Student Blogging Challenge!

Canadian Volunteer Marg Grosfield is a retired teacher from Alberta who used to blog with her own students. Her students are all from the Brown Group  (Gr.5) and they are: Geoff Online, Tony Online, Dan Online, Annie Online, Nicholas Online, Austin Online, Scarlette Online, Kelly Online, Ocean Online, Isabelle Online and Nick Online.

Volunteer  Dinah Hunt is American and she is  “a media specialist working in an instructional resource center with teacher education students”.  She has 6 students from the Gr.6 Magenta Group. They are: Nevil Online, Gary Online, Judy Online, Hank Online, Jeff Online and Preston Online

Michael Farmer is from Spain and is a retired trainer of teachers who’s worked in primary schools developing “Science Master” sites. He’s volunteered to help 4 students from the Gr.6 Magenta Group (Sage Online, Penelope Online, Xavier Online and Ian Online), as well as a lot of students from the Gr.6 Purple Group (Billy Online, Jake Online, Juan Online, Nyha Online – Lexie Online – Derrick Online – Kane Online – Bob Online – Guido Online – Margret Online, Mackenzie Online, Stefano Online, Clara Online).

Volunteer Mentor Renee

Volunteer Renee Mason is an Australian Teacher Librarian who is presently based at an international school in China. Her professional blog is  YCIS Qingdao Library. Renee’s 6 students are from the Brown Group:  Elena, Rebecca, Sabrina, Olivia, Bobbie and Kate.

Volunteer Mentor Andrea Colley 

Andrea Colley is a “seventh grade language arts teacher in Ohio”. Ohio is in the United States and is located just under the Great Lakes. She’s volunteered to help 2 students in the Magenta Group (Olive Online and Roberto Online) and many more from the Purple Group (Skylar Online, Mercedes Online, Claire Online, Sarah Online, Gabe Online, Robby Online, Corey Online, Maya Online, Amy Online, Destiny Online – Bobby Online – Cass Online – Samantha Online).


One response to “March 2016 Student Blogging Challenge | Mentors

  1. Dear Mrs. Theriault and students,
    Thank you for the awesome shout out on your “All About Quebec” page. I am looking forward to mentoring some students during the March student blogging challenge. I look forward to learning many things from the students as well as stretching my blogging wings. I am so impressed with the “All About Quebec” blogging students! I have been welcomed by all in such a friendly manner. The students have great responding skills! I am very excited about learning more about blogging with you.
    Marg Grosfield

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