Multigenre Ideas For Your Blogs

Your blog is a great place to experiment with many different forms of writing. Some forms of writing follow set patterns (e.g. lists, formal letters) while others are more free-flowing. Here are examples to get you started.

Biographical essay

A biography is an account of a person’s life. It can be strictly non-fiction (factual) but when you’re writing for a blog you will usually add a personal touch.

Suggestions Do choose someone you’re really interested in. Don’t only write some facts – personalize the essay with your own opinions or reasons for choosing that person.


Quebec Olympic Athlete – Vincent Marquis 2010

Quebec Olympic Athlete – Kim St-Pierre Quebec

Québec Olympic Athlete – Roberto Luongo


An interview is a conversation where one person asks questions of another person. The interview can be “written up” in a question-and-answer format or the content of the interview can be summarized by the interviewer.

Suggestions  Do include an introductory paragraph so your reader will be prepared for your interview. If you decide to summarize, do include some direct quotes. Don’t try to cover too much ground – focus your interview on some aspect of the person’s life.


My Family’s Christmas Tree

Manuel Mendes and Selene Machado: a Portuguese Story …

Alphonse Perreault and Astro Taxi | All Things Quebec

Museum Label (object)

Objects in a museum are usually accompanied by a label which includes information such as a title, description, purpose, provenance etc.

Suggestions  Do choose an object of significance to you or your family, or an object that you think would interest someone in the future. Do include a photo.


Artefact: Star Wars Lego Videogame


A recipe follows a standard format that includes a list of ingredients and a series of numbered steps to create a certain dish.

Suggestions Do personalize your post. Why did you chose this particular recipe (e.g. the taste, the connection to someone you love or a specific event) When or where you eat it (e.g. for a special event, a certain meal or season)? What are origins of the recipe (e.g. is it from your family’s culture or another culture).  Do include (if possible) a photo of the dish or, if you’re copying from a family recipe, the original handwritten recipe.  Don’t just copy a commercial recipe – that is stealing (although you can make a modified version).


My Mom’s Apple Crumble

Mia’s Family Shortbread Cookies


A review is an evaluation of something like a book, movie or other product. It will include some factual information as well as personal impressions.

Suggestions: Do choose a product that you particularly enjoyed or particularly disliked. If it’s a movie or book don’t retell the entire story and don’t include a spoiler unless you warn your readers ahead of time.


The Best Movie You”ll Ever Watch | Beatrice Online

Beastly | Christina Online – Edubogs

The Iron Trial | Another AMAZING Holly Black Book | Danica Online

Who’s In Room 101 « Lauren Online


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