Top Quality Comments!

Ocean Online left this comforting message for Gary Online

Hi, I am Ocean.
Me to I had a great grand-father that died 2 weeks before I was born. It is hard to accept that but you need to accept it. But the positive side is that you have other people that love you not just your great grand-father. Hope you feel beter.
Ocean Online
P.S. keep working hard Gary.

Kelly Online left this comment on Samantha Online‘s blog:

“Hey I`m Kelly Online and I love cats. I have one too but he’s a kitten. I`m sorry for you. I feel your pain even if I don’t know you and know who you are, I can still feel your pain from afar.  If you go to my blog you will see a picture of my kitten.”

Skylar Online left this comment on Scarlette Online’s blog.

“I’ve been through 5th grade and let me tell you, that was the easiest grade ever and yes it’s true you get a lot of tests but as you have more you get better grades. Also if you work hard and be confident you’ll get past the year and you’ll be super happy and once you get in 6th grade, you will be the best of them all!”

And here’s a mini conversation between Jake Online and Derrick Online.

Derrick said: “Cristiano Ronaldo – good choice he’s a good soccer player. I bet you you will be the new Cristiano Ronaldo player. Keep up the good work Jake.”
Jake replied: “Thanks for the encouragement you know you’re not too bad your self at soccer. Maybe you would be the new Pepe who’s a good soccer player that plays in the same team as Ronaldo”.

Geoff Online left this comment on Juan Online’s dream travel post.

“I would go to the Parthenon in Greece and I think it`s around Sicily. Then I`d check the Coliseum in Rome and the last stop would be a winery because I`d like to see all the grapes because people say the grapes are very full.”


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  1. Thank you I have a question are you going to contact me again😀⁉️⁉️

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