Lab Rats Learn To “Weave Silk“

Today the lunchtime club learned how to use the program    Silk – Interactive Generative Art  to create beautiful abstract images. Here`s an example from Kimberley Online



2 responses to “Lab Rats Learn To “Weave Silk“

  1. Greetings from Chimacum, WA, Ms. Theriault! My name is Al Gonzalez and I wanted to thank you for adding our Science Class Blog to your blogs from around the world list.

    My students and I have been looking at your students’ blogs and we’ve been impressed by how well written and beautiful the blogs we’ve read are. I have used some of your students’ blogs to show how adding images makes blogs look beautiful and how using great titles makes the blogs more attractive to readers. I also pointed out how your students have such great grammar and spelling on their published blogs! Do you have them proofread and only publish after their blogs are edited or do your students take care of that on their own?

    Thanks again for connecting with us!

  2. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

    Hello there!
    thank you for your kind comments!
    I too was very impressed by your blogging! In fact it was your blog that has been inspiring me to get more science onto their blogs and that was why I asked them to blog about their ideas for their upcoming science fair projects.
    The short answer to your question about the proofreading is yes, no and it depends! I will get back to you in a few more days with more details as I’m still in the thick of my holiday activities.
    Mrs. Theriault

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