Four Weeks To A Gold Medal Blog | Week 1

gold medalYour blog is off and running!  Now let’s kick it up a notch by adding  more high-quality content!

IDEA OF THE WEEK:  Sochi 2014 Olympics

Newsworthy events

Report on a favourite team, athlete or significant moment at the Games

Example:  Olympic Opening Ceremony | Rocky Online

Olympic Fever

Photo essay of Olympic signs in your community, recount of watching Olympics with family or friends

Example:  The 2014 Sochi Olympics | Paul Online

Olympic Memories

Personal, family, friends of past Olympic games

Example:  Olympic Mascot Of 2010 | Elena Online

Your athletic pursuits

Share your experience or information about a sport

Example 1:  My Dream | Beatrice Online

Example 2:  My Skateboard And Equipment | Dave Online


No one ever got to the Olympics on their own. Who has supported you in your pursuits (athletic or otherwise). Watch the video below for inspiration (click on Playlist and scroll down to Team  Photo) and then tell us about the heroes in your life!

Tip: Click on Playlist and scroll down to Team  Photo)

Daily minimum for Tues/Wed/Thurs  – 2/3 well-written paragraphs  🙂

As always, see me if you want to work on an independent project!


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