The Money Makers | Les Faiseurs d’argent

During our study of the Charter of Childrens’ Rights, Quebec in the early 1900s, and finally our reading of the novel Iqbal, we’ve been looking at child labour at home and around the world. We’ve looked at it through the eyes of historians, social activists and novelists.

Another way to look at the issue of child labour is through the eyes of an artist. One type of artist is the political cartoonist. What you see below is a an example of a political cartoon which comes from a Quebec magazine from over 100 years ago!

What does this image tell you about child labour in Quebec in 1912?

What do you think this editorial cartoonist was trying to tell his readers?

How did he/she get the message across?

Image Source: Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec 2007. L’Album: journal mensuel illustre, vol. 1, nos 1-4, 1912 (octobre)

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