“The Collecting Bug”

Have you (or anyone you’ve known) caught the collecting bug?

What are you waiting for?  Let us in on your secret!

Coll Lunch Box Source Wikimedia Commons Coll Postcards Source Wikimedia Commons Coll sand


Images sourced at Wikimedia Commons: Lunch boxes, nickd from Chicago, IL, United States  | Sands of different locations,  Immanuel Giel | Basket-ball player collection cards, Hgrobe | Seashells: marine bivalves and gastropods from Shell Island, Manfred Heyde

22 responses to ““The Collecting Bug”

  1. I like to collect medals. The medals I collect are road biking and speed skating medals. The medals I collect are medals that I have won and they are all in a bucket that is in my wardrobe. My mom wanted to make a shelf to put them on but we never have time. Every time I win another medal i go in my room to put it in my bucket. I think that i have more of skating but i also have lots of biking.

    My dad likes to collect watches. He collects them but he also wears them. He has some for the summer and going into the water and doing scuba diving. he also has some normal ones and just to wear. The watches are all in a safe place in his walk-in (which is a big wardrobe).

    • Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

      I think it’s great that your dad collects watches. Not that many people do that anymore because more and more people just use their smart phones. When I was in my teens it was a tradition in many families for a young person to get their first watch when they were confirmed or to get a fancier watch when they graduated from high school. The main brand among my friends was Timex.

  2. When I go in vacation, or other place, I always look around and try to find rocks with special colours, different shapes, and sizes. I bring them to my house in a little box. When I was playing outside, when I was younger, I liked to walk on the side of the street, quietly, exploring for different type of rocks. Now, I don’t do this very much. But sometimes, I go in my room and have a look at the different types of rocks I used to collect before. I sometimes take some and paint them. I put them on my desk and place them around. I like collecting and painting rocks!

    • Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

      So we have something in common. My husband says I collect too many rocks and I’m costing us a lot of gas money hauling them home :-)

  3. I have collection of books. I collect the hard cover Nancy Drew. I also collect the Warrior books. I collect Nancy Drew because they are very interesting to read. I organized them by numbers. Number one goes first and then the rest of the books until I finish the collection. I also collect the National Geographic magazines. I collect them because they are interesting and they give you lots of information on different topics. I organized them by the new ones I have not read to the old ones I have read two or three times.
    My father when he was young he collected hockey cards. He collected them because hockey is one of his passions. He keeps all of them in a box to keep forever. My mother when she was young she had a collection of different kinds of stickers. She collected them because she found in fun, it was a hobby she loved to do because it calm and then she ended up with some fantastic stickers to keep forever too.

    • Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

      I can still remember the very first time I saw a National Geographic. My mother and I were shopping in a Salvation Army store and I saw a pile of them in the corner. I brought a whole stack home and loved leafing through them. There was no internet so the richly coloured photographs were a real treat. Thanks for bringing back that memory :-)

  4. I collect many things, such as Geronimo Stilton Books and postcards. Everytime I visit a place, I buy some postcards just before leaving. I started collecting postcards since I was living in Ireland. There were lot of beautiful places, so everytime I went to some place in Ireland, I buy one for myself and one for my family in India.
    I started collecting Geronimo Stilton Books since I was 5 years old. The first time I read the book, I was laughing a lot and also it was very exciting, so I decided to collect it. Now I have almost all the Geronimo Stilton Books.

  5. I`m starting a collection of erasers. I`m collecting it because I love erasers. My mom is buying some and I have one of my grandma`s. Soon I will start buying them. For now I`m leaving them on my desk at home. I will buy a case for it this year.

    My sister is collecting books. She`s collecting books because she loves to read. She saves up her money to buy the books or she gets a gift card by her aunt. It`s all organized from book 1 to the last on her book shelf.

  6. I collect butterfles with my brother, my dad, my brother`s friend and me. My dream is togo to Madagascar to hunt them and collect them.

  7. I have a collection of comic books. My comic books are about Marvel super heroes. My dad bought me comic books at comic experts. Once I bought an old Marvel comic of a super villain called Solomen Grundy. He’s my dad’s favorite character. I collect comic books because I like super heroes and I was inspired by them. My favorite super hero was the Hulk and Spider Man. My least favorite character was Green Goblin and Abomination. My collections of comic books are important I don’t let anyone touch them because the paper is fragile and they don’t have hard covers. My most important comic book is my Avengers vs. Marvel

  8. When I was about 3, my Grand Mother would let my brother and I come over to her house. She had a basement full of toys! My brother was 8 at the time so he would set up the race-tracks for me. We had at least an hour of fun down there when my Grand Mother let us over. A few years later, when I was 10, our Grand Father decided to give us the cars we used to play with. I began organizing them, gaining more and more cars, until now, I decided to give these to my grand kids later on so they could pass it on to their kids.

  9. I have a collection of hockey cards in order of teams. I collect hockey cards because I am a hockey player. I got started by my grandma, she got me my first 5 cards and I organized the cards by the NHL teams and my favorite card is Wayne Gretzky.

  10. When I was a little I collected sea shells when I go to the beach. When I go on beaches I always look at them and the color. Sometimes I take 1 of them and put it in my ear and try to hear the ocean, but only with big rocks. I just find them on the ground and take and sometimes I let them go.
    My brother collects hockey cards. My brother loves hockey cards and hockey because he had been playing when he was younger. My dad and my brother goes and bye’s some at the mall.

  11. I collect different kinds of marbles. When I see one I take it and put it in my piggy bank that I don’t need any more. My jar is almost full. When its full I’m going to take an empty jar of peanut butter or jam and rinse it out and then put my marbles inside. I would also like collecting video game figurines. I already have one.

  12. I have a collection of rainbow loom bracelets that I make. I do this because I like making bracelets. I also like doing hand made things instead of buying thing I make them. It is almost like a hobby for me to make and collect them.

  13. I collect Bionicles because I am really creative so I like to build more models of Bionicles. I also started to collect Kirby games because I really like Kirby`s hats and abilities it gets when it sucks up it`s enemies.

  14. My dad collects Star Wars stuff. He collects Lego, mini figures, special edition consoles (R2D2 Xbox 360 and Darth Vader Kinect) and replicas. He has all the movies and the “unofficial” movies. He collects more Lego Star Wars then anything though, He has every and I mean EVERY Star Wars Lego set. He buys more than one of most Lego sets he buys, which I find weird.

  15. Well I don’t really collect stuff but there’s one thing that would interest me. I would want to collect skateboard caps because I skateboard. I’ve been doing it since I was 6 years old. It’s something that I really like. Even if I didn’t like it I would still probably like caps.

  16. Me
    Me I have a collection of hockey cards, old fashioned medium cars, old comic books from 1980-1990.I like my collection because for me it is kind of trophies because it’s kind of special.
    Someone else
    My grandfather had a collection of old fashioned medium cars but he gave them to me. My cousin had a collection of hockey cards but he gave them to me. My uncle had a collection of old comic books from the 1980-1990 but he gave them to me.

  17. I think a collection is something you like to collect. My dad collected pins with colors and pictures. My dad passed it down to me so I can start collecting some. They would have pictures of hockey teams, soccer, places and animals that he would put on a black towel so he won’t loose it. I also started collecting big eyes teddy bear. My dad collected leaves that he would put in a book and make a leave collection.

  18. What is it toy statues
    Why I chose that because my grandpa has some and sometimes it is someone’s favorite toy.
    How he got them by buying them but he did that by doing his moms work like cleaning the house and she would give him 1 cent but when he got older he had more money.
    Now my grandpa has only one but before he had lots of everything and there also entice but it would be dangerous to touch them because they are fragile there also old.

  19. Your Grandma shoud give them to your dad and he evently will pass it down to you read my articals go to.http://murray5thgrade.org/

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