Advent Calendar Christmas Trees by Madison (gr.6)| History-making kids

Each year when it gets to the month of December we go downstairs into the garage and move all the old plastic dusty boxes just to then find our old torn broken cardboard box with our Christmas tree in it.

It’s usually very gross and dirty so we clean it with a wet towel. After, we assemble it I have a lot of fun with that because It do it all wrong and my mom gets made at me then assembles it herself! The pieces are kind of heavy so when I pick them up well they usually hit me in the face because I can’t lift them, but I laugh. Oops I forgot the tree stand! Well, our tree stand is very old – I think from when I was a baby but maybe I’m just mistaken that it just looks old but isn’t. Anyways it usually breaks or the tree doesn’t fit in properly so last year we got a brand new one.

When I was a kid I remember that my cat used to hide in the tree or lay on the branches. IT was really funny so we took lots of pircuters.

Well back to the tree. I don’t really like it. It’s very small. I’m not as tall as it is buy could say almost. I doesn’t look that real. The needs are very dark green. I think trees should have a variety of green colour so it looks more realistic, but that’s just my opinion.

The tree is in three parts so there are some gaps that have no needles. It looks weird but I guess it’s kind of our little tradition -how it’s part of us.

I remember one year we got a real tree. I was so excited that for once in my life I got a real tree. They are so beautiful I would like to have a real tree for every year by my mom finds it annoying to pick up all the needles on the floor. I wouldn’t like that also but I would not care. I’d rather have a natural tree than an ariticial one.

Some people say that we shouldn’t buy real trees because it’s a waste of trees and we will have no more oxygen but in reality they are specially grown in a tree farm sot that’s not in a forest. The other people say it’s okay to buy natural trees and I do agree with them becasue I think it’s the one time in your life that you can have a nice beautiful tree for a month and you should take control of that. Just get what you want whether it’s natural or fake.


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