Advent Calendar Christmas Tree by Mathias (gr.6)

Every December when my dad is home he gets the ladder and put it below the attic. My sister goes and moves the part blocking the attic and then she disappears. I can hear her above me moving and grabbing things. She sticks out the boxes and bags while my dad grabs them and hands them to me. Then I take them and put the boxes and bags on the living room floor.

When the tree is out of the box my sister and I put the tree together. The hardest part is the lights because we leave them in from the year before. So my sister and I struggle to put the right plugs together. After that we spend about 1 to 3 days putting up ornaments and the garlands.

There is only one tradition at my house for the tree. It is that no one puts the start on except for my dad!

One Christmas my pet bird Jumper’s cage was next to the tree so every now and then we heard a “tweet”. I was looking everywhere for him. So I sat down on the couch, looked to the side and saw him in the middle of the tree!

By the way the tree is taller than me – just about three inches taller.


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