Advent Calendar Christmas Tree by Brittney (gr.6)

In the cold December me and my family go out to find a beautiful bushy green tree. When we go to the shop, we usually spend almost an hour looking for the best tree they’ve got.

My father doesn’t care which one is picked, so he usually talks to the person that works at the shop. My brother walks with me and my mom through all the beautiful trees and asks which one is good. My mom is kinda picky with her trees. It could be too short or to long or even there would be a spot in the tree that’s bare. If I really like a tree and ask if we could take it, my mom usually says no because it’s not perfect. But after all that we always get the perfect, beautiful bushy natural tree.

My father and my brother pick the tree up and lift it into the back of my truck. When we get home, my father hauls it inside through the front door, my brotehr grabs the trunk and tries to help. We lay it in the center of the living room and my father drills ahole at the bottom of it. Me and my mom put it into the stand and we wait for all the branches to fall into place. While my family is waiting, I alwayts hve to vacuum the pines that fall on the stairs. I’m always anxious to decoreate the tree, sometimes I nag my mom to decorate the tree. She gets mad at me, but I don’t mind.

Las year we put the ree in a corner, where our closet is. Now I’m not sure because there is a lot of stuff in that spot.


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