How To Do An Interview Post | Blog Fodder Series(2)

You need: introduction + transcript/information + image

Interviews are not just for famous people. We all know people with interesting stories or information to share and interviews are a great way to do this. Sometimes people use interviews to creat a mini-biography of a person’s life – although it is usually easier to focus on just one aspect or one important event or period in someone’s life. If you’re not sure where to start then check out some of the links below for ideas.

Your post should begin with an introduction.

This let your reader know who you’re going to be talking about. You might want to tell readers why you chose to interview this particular person. Were you curious about something?

Next you’ll include a transcript (option 1)

This means that you are writing down the questions and answers. This could be very difficult for someone your age so I wouldn’t expect you to write down everything – just do your best – and make sure you get some exact quotes. The format of your interview should be question/answer, next question/answer and so on. You can use Gordon’s method (see link below) which is to number each set, or you could use this method –

Your name:
Name of person you’re interviewing:
Your name:
Name of person you’re interviewing

If you prefer not to use the whole transcript (option 2)

You can simply share the information that you obtained from your interview, however you should try to include a few direct quotes, so that your interviewee comes alive for the reader. For two different examples, read the posts of Gordon and Lola.

Sample post by student blogger

Military Interview With My Grandfather Fernando Carvalho | Gordon’s Blog

My Dad’s Work (Pt.1) | Lola’s Blog New!

Sample Questions

50 Questions for Family History Interviews

Ancestry Interview Questions

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