From Dashavatars to Avatars!

An Ancient Hindu Belief

According to Hindu sacred texts the god Vishnu once descended to Earth in the form of 10 different beings (including a fish and a boar). These different forms were called Dashavatara. You can see them in the beautiful painting below (click to enlarge) which is from Jaipur, India.

Fast Forward to the 2000s

Most of you have seen James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster – Avatar – which is the story of of a man who visits a planet and interacts with aliens “virtually” through the use of a physical avatar.

And finally, many of you are familiar with the notion of an avatar because you play video games.

Why should you have your own avatar?

1. Your avatar helps people to remember you.  After all, your name is not unique but the combination of your name + original avatar is!

2. Your avatar helps you to preserve your anonymity and privacy.

Here are a few of the first avatars designed by students in our class.

8 responses to “From Dashavatars to Avatars!

  1. Hello it is scooperLucy

    i love your avatars they are so cool

    did you make them your self or did you do them on line
    please have a look at my blog down below


  2. Hi these avatars look really cool.
    Come check out my blog.

  3. Hello it is Lucy

    i love your cool avatars

    did you make your own?

  4. Hey its ScooperElla.
    Did you make them yourself?
    Room 7 and I have made avavtar each.
    But we made them on the computer.
    They are really cool.
    I have just made a new blog and I don’t have any comments.
    It would be really cool if you could come and comment!

    From ScooperElla

  5. Mrs Theriault,
    Thanks for this great post. I will be using it in our week two challenges which is about avatars.

  6. I have been to Jaipur,India on my vacation. I visited the forts where the soliders live.

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