Student Challenge 1 | Blog Challenge 2010

Boys and girls, your first Better Bloggers Challenge is to leave a total of 10 comments on other students’ blogs.

This shouldn’t be too hard as you’re already such seasoned commentators!


3 responses to “Student Challenge 1 | Blog Challenge 2010

  1. Hi dominic here from milvilleroom 8 hamilton Newzaeland waikato. i like your blog spot it looks cool. I like your back ground cool as. what is it like in canada.

    Visit us at Bye for now

  2. Hello from Dunedin,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog if you have berries you could try making the recipe
    have you just started your year? When did you start it?
    have a good day

  3. Hi,
    My name is Cullen and I’m from Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, NZ.
    I think your blog is a really cool one. Please visit us at

    P.S. Your awesome!

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