Getting Ready For A Brand New School Year!

Ms. Nieradka and I took our own little field trip this summer!

Guess which country we’re going to be studying in Grade 6?

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Mrs. Theriault


6 responses to “Getting Ready For A Brand New School Year!

  1. We are Room 1 and we are 5, 6 or 7 years old. You left a post on our blog a little while ago and we have been waiting for your class to come back to school so we could leave a post on your blog.

    We think your class is going to study China. We think this because the people look Chinese, and there are people dressed up as a dragon. There is also writing that we think is Chinese.

    From your friends in Room 1.

    • Hello boys and girls!
      It’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your comment!
      Today is a holiday in Canada – Labour Day – but I will show your message to our students when they come back tomorrow.
      Mrs. Theriault
      (Grade 6 teacher)

  2. Hi my name is Kelly.
    I tihnk it is a chinatown somewhere in Vietnam.
    Or China or Vietnam. We are also going to start our school holidays on Monday.
    Keep up the good work.

    Melville Intermediate
    Hamilton, New Zealand

  3. Hey my name is Nathalie you guys have an amazing blog it is really different to other blogs that u have comment on but thats a good thing it great that you guys are doing the blog challenge i hope you do well good luck.

    Melville Intermediate Room 8,Hamilton,Waikato,New Zealand

  4. Hi my name is Lana,
    I am guessing from the characters and traditions you are studying China. I’m from China and I can’t read chinese but I know that is my language. China is really interesting, especially the myths, legend, and the chinese zodiac. I love learning about China and it is pretty fun.

    Room 8
    Melville Intermediate
    Waikato, New Zealand

  5. Hello Ms. Theriault,
    We just started back to school this September and are eager to begin the Student Blogging challenge. I am adding your blog to my blog roll so that my students can visit your site.

    Kristin Thomsen

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