Algonquin | Miami | Little Turtle

The Algonquian tribe called the Miami lived close to the Great Lakes in Ontario.

The town was known as Turtle Town. It was named after Little Turtle because of an important war. He was chief because he defeated the French Military.  The French military man was called Augustin de la Balme.

In October 1780, Little Turtle became the chief of the  Miami tribe. In the early 20th century Little Turtle’s tombstone was found during a construction excavation.The Miamis did some dugout boats with birch bark and covered their roofs with elm bark. The dugout boats were made usually of butter nut boat.

by: A.M., 11 yrs. old

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2 responses to “Algonquin | Miami | Little Turtle

  1. The town has a nice and natural name “Turtle Town.”Augustin is an old fashioned name.The chief looks happy in the outside.;) But sad in the inside for the war. ;(

    • This is a VERY insightful comment. M.M.
      A person could be excited or proud of the role they are playing in a war situation, but at the same time be wishing that there wasn’t a war.
      I’m pretty sure that this is the way hero-warriors feel.
      Mrs. Theriault

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