Kiva – Our Latest Investment

Mr. Moussa Maurice Sarr, a Senegalese chicken farmer

You can see all our loans at:

Entrepreneurs 121 – Kiva – Loans that change lives



6 responses to “Kiva – Our Latest Investment

  1. Great job! Now people can have more food :). Please reply to give me more information about Mr. Moussa Maurice Sarr.

  2. I love helping people :).

  3. Chickens are awesome 🙂 and you get money lol.The best thing of raising chickens is for the joy and happiness.So thanks the people raising money for kiva microloans.

  4. I am in the group of who published/chose this man. we chose this man because he really needed money to live and right know he is selling chickens. This man has a family. He has a wife and a child. So this is an other reason why we chose him. He needs money for his family for food and to keep his job going etc. 🙂
    We are glad to be in kiva microloans 🙂
    We are glad to give for good and to help for someone who needs money.

  5. I am the one who decided with my group K.B and J.R.Chicken’s are also good because it will give you food ,money and you need food to live .I ‘m glad to be in Kiva Microlans:) 🙂

  6. i think its really great giving microlaons to people who really need it like this guy. I belive he has a family and dosen’t have enough food for them and his himself. He has chickens,i think he is greatful for having chickens. (i think anyone would be at this stage of life) 😀 I hope he makes himself happy and his family with the microloan we had gave him.

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