A Trio At Work ~ In The Garden

First day with the boxes!

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5 responses to “A Trio At Work ~ In The Garden

  1. Hi,the first day in boxes which kids are planting plants in is always a hard job cause first you need to get all the leaves out of the box then if you find weed you need to get that out to which is hard to then you need to find plants that are alive cause if you mistake a plant from a weed and pull it out you just killed the plant 🙂 !Then the next step is getting the grass out like again don’t mistake grass from plants ;).Then you need to buy a type of earth that works well with the seeds you buy.That was really hard work but we didn’t get the yet.So these kids look so good together they look like a very helpful team for the box look like they doing good job so far.When you look at this picture very closely you’ll see them so intense on the box that they didn’t notice the flash of the camera :).Cya

  2. Hey box #4 did you find some plants or not if yes can you please reply thanks alot chow
    🙂 😛 😉 :O

  3. :*Hi I do not know if you found anything???So could you please write back A.G.,M.M.R and J.V. are all good friends to me. I’m especialy good friends with A.L.Good team work:):)!!!!

  4. Hey um good job : ) im sure that Aden would really like that continue like this you rock : ) : ) : )P.S the person in the middle is the coolest

  5. Great start! I wonder if you will find any plants or bugs, etc. Have fun! 🙂

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