Canada 7 – Russia 3 / Oh Canada! / Vancouver 2010

A historical game – a historical win!

Make it part of your family history!


27 responses to “Canada 7 – Russia 3 / Oh Canada! / Vancouver 2010

  1. Yesterday when I saw the match I was with my family so it made it a greater moment. What happend is that in 50 years in ice hockey we finally beat the Russians. Canada-7 Russia-3 It was a great match.
    But I thought that Russia would of won but Canada was the best. GO CANADA GO.

    PS That was a great match.

  2. Yesterday I saw the game Canada Russia ps it was great.I liked it when Stall passed the puck to Corry Perry and scored. In first period it was 4 to 1 for Canada GO CANADA GO.

  3. I saw the game yesterday and Canada did very good.Roberto Luongo got many saves.I thought Russia would do better.Each time Canada got a goal my dad would yell yeah.

  4. I did not watch the game yesterday Canada vs Russia but i thought that both teams did a great job I guess it was just a bad or unlucky day for Russia or maybe just a normal day for Russia.
    The prediction on webs were wrong. There is a web that said it predicted 8-1 for Russia but they were totally wrong when Canada won 7-3 they must have been happy Canada.
    You know what it would feel like to be at the Olympic games and actually see the hockey game it must have been a amazing moment to see every second of this amazing history game.
    I found out today that Russia lost against Canada and they both have a great huge history of them playing hockey.Its amazing how hockey can make huge history 🙂 😦 😉 .

  5. For me that was the best game. Whats funny is that Canada did alot of goals so at each time Team Canada made a goal my family was screaming 🙂 PS I think it wasn’t that fair because Canada was happy but Russia was sad. 😦 but it was a great match 🙂 Russia is still a great team 🙂

  6. I watched the game yesterday with my father and the Russia had no chance to catch up. My opinion is that team Canada mastered .the Russian would be crying to there mommy (sniff sniff) 😦 . but us were happy ,very happy 🙂 . Its cool how hockey does a big history.

  7. What a game!! I love the goal the Canadians did if I am not mistaken. One of the players shot the puck in the air and then shot it in the net.
    My favorite player is Sidney Crosby. I am cheering for him.
    Canada broke the record for beating Russia.WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    I bet they had a BIG party. 🙂
    When I saw that goal I went o.m.g. WHAT A GOAL. 😛 My family were so shocked!! And then they yelled THEY BROKE THE RECORD WHOOOOO!!!!!! Canada IS STRONG!!!! My parents almost fainted.
    My only favorite player in the russia team is Wayne Grexty.P.S. I loved the game!!!

  8. What a game !! 😛
    it was one of the best games that I ever saw it was so interesting
    It was so fun to watch my mom was like yelling when they scored the first goal she was like YAY WOOT WOOT ! and then I was like ok calm down mom its ok.
    And me I was watching the game with my mother and my brother :S

    😀 I was SOOOOO happy when they won.

    It was Russia vs. Canada and Canada won 7 to 3 for Canada. :O

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    GO CANADA !!

    • J.R., I think it was the most exciting game I’ve seen since the early 1970s when I Canada beat Russia in the last game of a 7 part series.
      I wonder if the our game against the U.S. of A. is going to be as exciting?
      Mrs. Theriault

  9. Hi,
    I didn’t actually watch the whole game last night.When I went in the living-room I saw the score 3-1!!!.When I saw that score I was saying to my mom and dad”Oh My Goodness Team Canada is on fire!”.When I went back in my room(with K.B and G.B)whenever there was a goal all we heard was”AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ET LE BUT!!!!(from our parents)”.When we heard that we were saying”YAHHHHHHHH WOOHOOO”.Me I didn’t watch the whole game but I watched part of it with my mom,my dad,K.B and G.B’s dad,K.B and G.B’s uncle(he’s my neighbor).Other than that the game for me was EXCELLENT!.My teacher was talking about the series between Russia and Canada,when she told that to my class and me I was surprised.Also I was sooo HAPPY when I heard that Team Canada won:).


  10. Hi, ^.^
    It was the best hockey game last night we finaly won!!!!! =D
    i watched the game with my cousin while eating popcorn =P
    once we saw the game winning goal we jumped up and started cheering
    Im really proud of Canada for winning :D.. Good luck next time Russia you did good 🙂
    ^.^ You did really good Canada! ^.^

  11. I’m glad that Team Canada for the hockey team won 7 to 3 Vs Russia! About 4 years ago, Team Canada lost Vs Russia in the finals so they were eliminated.:( So I’m sooo happy they won this time! They were very good this time.(Not saying they weren’t good last time)They were better.I watched the game a little with my dad at Alyssa’s house about until the 2nd period.I heard my dad and Alyssa’s dad saying”Woooooooohoooooo!!!!! Et le BUT!!!!!! and they were so happy.(Laugh Out Loud):D 😀 😀 😀 We heard them scream from the other room.It was fun also having company to watch.It was the HISTORY of HISTORY(Laugh Out Loud) 😀 😀 😛 😛

  12. Hi, I saw the hockey game (up to the 2nd period) and I thought it was amazing. I watched this amazing game at my friends house with my sister and dad and all of us were screaming very loud when the Canadians scored. It was the most exiting game in history (for me). Canada played against Russia. For 50 years they have been against each other. They played 7 games. They were always even until
    the greatest game happened, and Canada WON!!! It was amazing. And Russia lost… :(… but the great news is that…..Canada WON!! 🙂 😛 Canada won 7 to 3. It was a great, amazing, and an amazing game.
    Canada Rocks! Keep doing your best Canada.
    Nice match Canada! 🙂 😛

    by KB

  13. I did not watch the hockey game but i have heard that Canada did very well. GO CANADA ! I hope we win gold 😀 :):D 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

  14. Yesterday I watched the hockey game with my dad it was amazing when the Canadians scored there first Goal. It was amusing the way the first goal came in me and my dad screamed so loud that my neighbor dog

  15. I watched the hockey game but for only a bit of time. Anyway, great game for Team Canada. Me and my father were watching the game.
    I was sure that team Canada was going to lose like 4-1 or something but I was sure that Ovechkin was going to score at least one goal but he didn’t score any :P.
    I laugh at Team Russia because they didn’t play good. I would have been happy if Russia had at least like 6 goals. It would have been ok but they only scored three goals.
    I liked when Rick Nash scored a goal because he has a hard shot and he makes nice goals.:)

    Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Canada won !!! It’s been 50 years now that Canada could be able to win versus Team Russia 7-3:P. Luongo played a great game again. He played against some of the best offensive players of the NHL.

    P.S. What a great game for both teams 😀

    • I agree, O.P. it was a great game for both teams. This was the first time that I saw Luongo play and he seemed very confident. However when the television cameras showed us Martin Brodeur sitting on the bench I could tell that he wanted to be out on the ice. I wonder how he felt when he saw how well Luongo was doing?
      Mrs. Theriault

  17. Once again I did not get the chance to watch the big hockey game.The reason I did not have the chance to watch it is because I belong to a group called Girl Guides and the time I am out at is 6:00-8:30. But one of my guide leaders had someone call her so that she could know what the score is. Every time that the person called to talk to my leader my hole guide group and me were happy that we team Canada:) winning.I hope that tonight the women win the silver medal :). Go Canada keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to all the Russia fans.

  18. I’m happy 😀 😀 😀 because Canada won but I’m also sad because Russia lost 😦 .I was sure Ovechkin was going to score at least one goal and Crosby also 😦 .

    But it was still a good game 😀 😀 :D.

  19. Hey :P, yesterday I watched the game with my mom:). It was Canada vs Russia:P. I find the golly worked really well 🙂 he was able to block a goal that when someone is going very fast and then there write in front of the goal and SHOT!!! Ana he BLOCKS IT!!!!:)My mom was so suprised she was like O MY GOOD HE BLOCKED IT. and then i was like thats hard to block. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

    Before I watched the game 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 I ask my dad you like silver screen beter than hockey and he said silver screen is beter than hockey:0 and even my brother finds silver screen better than hockey :0ahhh. So I said when my bro and dad were watching tv downstairs, were tougher than dad and bro :p 🙂 :p.

    Somebody had a sign that said CROSBY BEATS OVECHKEN.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 ::) 🙂

    The game ended as CANADA:8 RUSSIA :3 🙂

    And thats too bad for Russia :p maybe

    GO CANADA 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😛


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