U.S.A. 5 – Canada 3 | OOPS!

* * *

What went wrong?

What should we do next?

You be the coach!

* * *

Don’t forget to encourage our athletes!


15 responses to “U.S.A. 5 – Canada 3 | OOPS!

  1. I think that Mike Babcok should change the line up.

  2. I did not watch the team Canada but I watch Russia vs Slovakia . Alexander Ovechkin he tackeled someone so hard his head went like jello .

  3. I guess Martin Brodeur got tired.Thats what they get for trying to keep Brodeur in nets for the hole Olympics.I hope for Canada against Germany they put Roberto Luongo in nets.

  4. If,I was the coach of the Canada hockey team I would say:it was a bad day for Canada hockey team and i would encourage them to play harder but i thought the goals were awesome for the Canada hockey team I thought they were playing soft they should puss a little more and that tackle that made 3 hockey players fall I thought that was funny.

  5. What went wrong!? Why did the U.S.A. win why did not Canada win.It is so sad that Canada lost! The goalie had a bad game lots of people thought he got tired. I understand why he would be tired he plays almost everytime. I feel bad for him to be sooooo tired.

  6. I did not see the hockey game yesterday but I heard about the Canadians.I heard the defence did not play well.I am so sad but I hope they will win against Germany it’s going to be a good game.Good luck for the Canadians.

  7. What I think went wrong was Mike Babcock’s decision about the first trio (Nash,Getzlaf,Crosby). It was originally Crosby, Iginla, Nash until Babcock changed the trios and now they are not producing like before.Good luck team Canada versus Germany.

    GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!

    This comment is not by Mrs. Theriault- as you know because I don’t know enough about hockey to make this analysis!!!

  8. I think that Brodeur had a bad day.I don’t think that he is bad at hockey and the def was at a bad spot on the ice

  9. I did not get the chance to watch the hockey game but my dad and brother did.My mom and me are not big fans of hockey but when I think of it I’ve never really watch it on T.V.I’ve gone to a hockey arena to watch my best friends dad play hockey.For a boy named J.G. birthday I went to another hockey arena.So if I have the chance to see one I will tell you about it.

  10. What went wrong?? –

    What went wrong was that I think that the Canada Team was scared of the USA team because they have been rivals for a long time and to me,they are the two bests of the Olympics. I also think that Brodeur had a bad day. I’m not saying that he is bad but he just had a bad day. It lookes scary to be a goaltender because I’m scared to get the puck in the face even though I have a mask.

  11. It was sad and it was funny yesterday night. It was sad because the team Canada lost 3 to 5:( against team U.S.A.It was funny because in the first period Martin.B hit the puck with his stick and the announcer said”HE IS PLAYING BASEBALL MORE THAN HE IS PLAYING HOCKEY”.When me and my mom heard that we were laughing.
    If I were the coach I would have changed the defense men.I would have changed the defense men because team U.S.A was pretty strong.
    Also I found that Martin.B got out of his goal a lot maybe it’s normal because I don’t really play hockey so I don’t know.It could also be true though.So you don’t have to believe my opinion.

    • Everytime Brodeur was not in the goal my husband would say “For heaven’s sake… if he doesn’t want to be the goalie they should change his position!” (My husband is not very patient when athletes perform poorly!)
      Mrs. Theriault

  12. It was quite boring for Team Canada to lose.I stayed up ’till the 2nd period and every single time, the Team USA made a goal.It’s like if USA scores,the Team Canada scores after so it’s like if Team USA gets like,mad or something so they make an other score 2 minutes after.I know that Team Canada would of done much better on this Hockey game last night.They would be good if Team Canada would try to focus more on it like to look if one of the Team USA come to push them off.I think Team USA pushed many times.The Goaly in the Team Canada would do better if he’d have close attention where the puck is because he always blocked too late.

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