Quebec Olympic Athletes: Valérie Maltais

Valerie Maltais is a Canadian speed skater for the Olympics. She is a student. She was born in Canada in La Baie and her birth date is the 7th of April in 1990.Today,she is 20 years old and her height is 5.4(163 cm) and her weight is 52 kg (115 lbs). She has been starting to play since 2005. Her trainers are Martin Gagné, and Sébastien Cross. Her hobbies are to rollerblade, going to the movies, photography, the outdoors, cycling and to spend time with her friends, plus, she also has a club. It’s called Les F18 de La Baie: Canada.

Now for my opinion, I say Valérie is very talented and a very fast speed skater. I wonder why she chose that sport? Because she’s good at it, it’s her passion, as like her dream, or because she wanted to be famous and have fans plus it’s what she wants as a sport? I think it’s because it’s her passion and dream. I find it’s a good sport and looks fun to do. This was my Olympic person I’m interested in. I’m interested in it because maybe I’d want to do the same as her when I grow up.

To move on with the rankings, here are the latest results she made lately. For the World Championships,she got 3rd place in a 3000 meter Relay in 2009 at Vienna,AUT. For the World Team Championships, she got 4th place with her team in 2009 at Heerenveen, NED, and the World Cups, she won 3rd place in a 3000 meter Relay in 2009/2010 at Marquette,MI,USA plus a silver medal for the National Medals She mostly won 3rd place in Relays.

When Valérie was at the age of six years old, she started with Short Track Speed Skating and then participated in Figure Skating competitions.But must of got back with Short Track Speed Skating. Also, She held the National Junior Record of the 500 meter Relay in 2007, three-times Canadian Junior Champion.

Now, let’s talk about Valérie Maltais when she is older. In the first International. Valérie was held in the month of January in 2006 held at the junior world championships in Miercurea Ciuc. Over there, they failed in the individual competition but at the semi-final with the season but finished to get 4th place. A year later, she took part in the Junior World Championships, but missed a top 5 placement again. But since they did a good performance in the national competitions and awards include the silver medal for the 1000 meter at the Canadian Championships in 2007. She nominated the Canadian Association for the next season 2007/2008 for no international race, but Valérie was a Canadian junior champion for the 1500 distance. Although it held for only 12th place in the Canadian ranking results at the end of the season,qualifying for young athlete like Valérie for Short Track Speed Skating World Cup 2008/09, when she dashed to 3rd places in the relay.

by: G.B., age 10 yrs.

Further Reading: (en francais)

Valérie Maltais, patinage de vitesse


2 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Valérie Maltais

  1. I like the questions you raise in your first paragraph about why someone would choose a certain sport. I read in one of the other articles that someone started a certain sport because their whole family was doing it. But of course you would have to have the passion yourself to want to keep doing it and to excel.
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. I also think that Valérie is a very good short track speed skater :D. I love the buble letters you used to write Valérie Maltais. Like i said in another comment in another post its cool how Valérie has the same last name as my uncle. .^o^.

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