Quebec Olympic Athletes: Kim St-Pierre

Kim St-Pierre is a goaltender on our 2010 Canadian Olympic hockey team. She is 5’9″ tall and weighs 156 lbs. The team she plays for is the Montreal Stars (CWHL).


I play hockey like her but she is a goaltender and I play offense so it’s completely the opposite. I need to score against the goaler and she needs to save the pucks. My feelings when I’m on the ice or when I enter the arena are the smell of a victory. When I’m on the ice my feelings are how the air blows in my face because I work hard. The surface of the ice makes me glide and I like that .

Now for the information!

St-Pierre was born December 14th, 1978 in Chateauguay QC. She has two brother and still has both her mom and dad. Kim is the first women to have won a regular season game with the men’s hockey team when McGill University defeated Ryerson University in 2003. Kim catches from her left hand and shoots from her left too. Her previous competitions were in Salt Lake City (2002) and Turin (2006). She speaks two languages, French and English. Her National team head coach is Melody Davidson; Assistant coaches -Doug Lidster, Peter Smith and the club coach is Yan Cloutier.

She even is a medal record competitor for Canada’s women’s ice hockey. She won Gold in 2002 at the Salt Lake City tournament. Also, at the IIHF World Women Championships she won Gold in 1999 at the Finland tournament. Additionally she won 4 other gold medals. Three in Canada : 2000,2004,and 2007, and one in the United States Championships in 2001. Kim also won three silver medals at the Swedish, Chinese and Finnish world Championships.

In Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Kim can now add other great moments and achievements to her long list, by bringing home another Olympic medal.


by: S.S., 11 yrs. old


6 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Kim St-Pierre

  1. I don’t play hockey so its good that you told the readers what she does in her posision as a goaltender. 🙂

  2. I really like the picture because it looks like the real logo. And I’d like to be goaler but my favourite position is center.

    • I haven’t made up my mind which I’d rather be. I think I’d want to be the goalie but I’d have to learn not to duck!
      Mrs. Theriault

      • I’m with you I rather be a goalie. I’m kinda good at stopping objects from going in the goal. Also I’m nerves about getting hit by a hockey puck.
        I hope Kim St-Pierre gets allot of goals in the Olympics.

        GO CANADA! XD

        Sorry Russians good luck next time. 😀

  3. Hi,
    this is my project that I wrote about Kim St-Pierre.I wanted to say that I learned a lot about Kim St-Pierre all because of my teacher.This was a super cool project.

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