The Olympic Experience From Our Own Living Rooms ~ Vancouver 2010

Grade 5

Have you been enjoying the Olympic Coverage?

Have there been any  terrible moments !!!

How are your favourite athletes doing?

Let’s share our reactions  in the Comment Boxes below!


14 responses to “The Olympic Experience From Our Own Living Rooms ~ Vancouver 2010

  1. Hi,ive seen many terrible moments as in the Luge and in figure skating.

    In the Luge a man died while coming down the hill. He smacked his head on a pole and well I don’t really wanna go into details.

    In figure skating a girl got half her face cut from a man,his blade hit her face and she fell to the ground.

    • Hi J.L.H its S.S replying I wanted to say that, I remember when the girl was figure skating and got a skate in her face and got half of her face cut from the man she was skating with.

      I also wanted to say that It’s so sad when that guy smacked his head on the pole. And I don’t really wanna go in to details either.

  2. The worst moment that I have seen on the olympics was when the luger died. 😦

  3. Hi, well I saw the Olympics and I saw Anabelle Langois and Cody Hay,the are figure skaters. when I saw them, I was really amazed of all the moves the did on the ice together I fing that they were great. Like when they did the twist in air that was beutiful. There has been no terrible moments I find. I find that my athlete that I chose is doing a really good job with Cody Hay. I am exited of what will come next.

  4. I loved the opening ceremony of the 2010 winter Olyimpics, the little shows, singing, dancing, but my 2 favourite things at the opening ceremony, was the presenting of the countries and when the sculpters were moving. I also loved when the big Olympic statue got lighted up, when the 2010 Olympics started.

    There were some terrible moments, but the worst was when the athlete died. His name is Nodar Kumaritashvili.

    I am happy for all the athletes that are participating in the 2010 winter Olympics of all there effort. I don’t just vote for my country, which is Canada. Good job everyone, and good luck!

    I vote for every single person, in other words, every country, China, United States Of America, Canada, Japan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finnland, Austrailia, Poland, etc. Good luck everyone even if I didn’t name the country, I meant all the countries on this free and safe site:

    Good luck everyone!!! 🙂

  5. Did you know that they say that the Candian Hockey Team is the favorite team for the Olympics my dad said?( he watches it every night)
    What I want to talk about now is about Alexandre Bilodeau. He got the first gold medal for Canada! He said: “I don’t believe it yet. It’s been a dream since a was a kid and it’s come true.” Another one is:”I can’t think. It’s too good to be true.There are more golds to come for Canada.It’s just the beginning of a good party in Canada.” Those were some sentences he said and was really happy about it.
    I wonder, when he goes on the little bumps, how does it feel? I’ve always wanted to that. Plus I liked those jumps he made.I like the sideways twist alot. He was really awsome Sunday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I feeel so bad about the person on the luge. I wish that he wouldn’t of died when he was practicing for the Olympics. It is very sad for his team and everybody else I always wondered how he died.

    sincerly J.R

  7. I enjoyed the figure skating in couples the most. Because I like it when the men throw the women (their parteners) up in the air. It looked so beautiful and I was scared they would get hurt. That is how I felt when I watch this on T.V.

  8. Hi,
    I think there was a terrible moment for me and a great moment.The great moment is well my Olympic Athlete that I chose (Vincent Marquis,he is a Canadian moguls acrobatic skier). He did his skiing and he was FIRST!.One of his moves was,He did like a 360 twist but BACKWARDS!(I mean his face facing the floor).

    My terrible moment was that he was first but everybody else (that did the sport) pushed him away and he was actually forth place:( BUT THAT IS STILL GREAT!!!at least he was not like in the 15th place( I’m not saying being in fifteenth place is bad I’m just saying at least he didn’t get like that place at least he got forth:))

    Also I was so happy when I heard Alexandre Bilodeau get a GOLD MEDAL!!.I was watching the snowboarders not to long ago and BOY they are good!!I would never be able to have done those kinds of flips!!.I loved watching the snowboarders because they are so good.I wonder if it is hard to snowboard?

  9. The best moments I have seen were when Alexandre Bilodeau went down the hill and did this kind of 380-Twist Flip and then once he got at the bottom of the hill everyone in the crowd was shouting for Alexandre including family, friends and teammates.

    I also think that Canada’s men ice hockey team is really doing great with their 8-0 win vs Switzerland!!!

    One disappointing moment so far was when Jennifer Heil got kicked off from the 1st place by an American acrobatic skier. She looked disappointed with her silver medal.

  10. I enjoyed the hockey game Canada against Norway. Canada did very good. Luongo got amazing saves.

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