Quebec Olympic Athletes: Vincent Marquis / Vancouver 2010

To me Vincent Marquis is a great athlete because he is going to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and he plays more than one sport also because he suffered an ACL surgery and is currently going to the Olympic 2010 in Vancouver!!!

Why did I choose to write about Marquis – for two great reasons!

1# I like skiing I learned how to ski yesterday,and I LOVED it a lot.

2# Also I chose him because he is not very old and he is a great athlete. He does freestyle skiing. I learned how to ski yesterday but still I like it and it is fun.

Now I will tell you who Vincent Marquis is. Vincent Marquis is a freestyle skier. Marquis was born in 1984 in Quebec City (Quebec). He measures 5 ft 8 inches high and he weighs 159 lbs. He is currently 26 years old. Marquis already won a freestyle ski World Cup Tour in 2008 with Alexander Bilodeau and also Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau.

Vincent has also already won the freestyle World Cup Skiing 2009 FIS Championship. In this cup he got the bronze medal. That’s very good! For me I would have never got that bronze medal. Sometimes me and my friends say as a joke “First’s the worst, second’s the best and third is the one with the golden chest” but that’s just a saying.

Vincent Marquis has a brother and a coach. His brother’ name is Phillipe Marquis. Phillipe is on the national squad for men’s moguls. His coach’s name is Rob Kober. Kober started December 8th, 2009 in the Canadian freestyle assocation.

Now I’m going to talk about his family. They are 4 in his family – his mother, his father, Francois Marquis, Vincent Marquis-him and his brother. In fact, his whole family all did freestyle skiing (mother, father, him, brother) His mother was a member of the freestyle provincial Quebec Assocation.

In 2004 Vincent suffered a ACL surgery. His father gave him the surgery because his father is a surgeon. Francois Marquis already gave Vincent three surgeries!! So that was not the first one.

Vincent has three hobbies. His three hobbies are ice hockey, football and Canadian football. He also started freestyle skiing on May 8th 2009. Vincent was on the A-A-A level football player. From 2000 to 2003 he was quarter back for three years. That’s GOOD!

Now why did Vincent pick this sport? Let me tell you why. He chose this sport because when he was young he had a cottage. That cottage was near a ski hill, so Vincent would sometimes go and ski with his family.

by: A.G. (10 yrs. old)


5 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Vincent Marquis / Vancouver 2010

  1. I like skiing also. I like how the professionals do that cool stop.

  2. Hi,
    This is my own project I just wanted to say that I worked hard to do this project.Also it was very fun to do my project:)I learned a lot from Vincent Marquis all thanks to my teacher:)

  3. Bonjour,

    Dimanche, j’ai vu les Olympics et j’ai vu tout les personnes qui fesais du ski de bosses et comprit Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau,VINCENT MARQUIS et Alexandre Bilodeau.Je peut pas croire que un Canadien puisse gagner la medaille d’or dans le ski de bosses.Ca a l’air difficile de juste faire un backflip en ski de bosses. J’ai deja essaier dans les bosses met je tombais
    toujours par terre meme avec l’experience de ski que j’ai.XD

    Merci beaucoup 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi, I am really amazed by all the information about Vincent Marquis. I never knew that he had a ACL surgery. If he was older would you still pick him? why? because you said that you picked him because he was young and that he played more that one sport.Wow Vincent Marquis won a lot of prizes, he must be very good. I knew that he played a lot of sports but I never knew that he played hockey, football,Canadian Football and skiing.
    I am very interested by your Olympic person.

  5. I love the picture you drew =]. It’s really nice. I like the font of letters you chose.

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