Quebec Olympic Athletes: Martin Pierre Brodeur | Vancouver 2010

Martin Pierre Brodeur was born on May 6th, 1972. He is a Canadian ice hockey goalie and is quite a bit athlete at 6 feet 2 inches and 216 pounds. Being a goalie must have been in his blood because his father was also a goalie; Denis Brodeur.

Hockey is really cool because you can express yourself in skating and shooting pucks. Because sometimes I get a bit mad but when I do hockey everything that is mad gets out.

Sometimes I go with my Dad in the morning in the arena beside my school and I could shoot pucks with my friends and my dad. The rink is outside and its a bit old The ice is not like in the inside arena but it is still fun playing with my family. It’s different because the ice has a lot more bumps and it’s smaller than a real one.

I’m in a hockey team called the Jaguars of Candiac and at the beginning of the year we didn’t have a good season but after the tournament we became second place and we’re going to become first place ( hope) !!! I play left defense – not a goalie like Brodeur.

As O.P, (another student) said, Brodeur has played his entire national Hockey League career with the New Jersey Devils. He got drafted in 1990 and is at his nineteenth year with the team. Brodeur is so good that the general manager has never wanted to exchange him for another goalie. He has led his team to three Stanley Cup victories.

Like his father, Brodeur has also represented Canada at the Olympics. Denis Brodeur was at the 1956 Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal. Martin is heading to the Olympics for a fourth time to play for Team Canada in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

His first presence was as a backup for Patrick Roy in 1998 in Nagano. He did not get to play however as he was there as replacement.

The second time Brodeur went to the Olympics was in 2002 at the Salt Lake City games where he led his team to the podium. He was the best goalie in the whole tournament . In the final match he stopped 31 of the 33 shots in the victory over team USA which won them gold medal.

His third presence was in 2006 in Turin Italy. he played in four of the six games but they lost against Russia in quarterfinals. I hope that team Canada will be as successful as in 2002 bringing back the gold medal.

Brodeur has also had many victories in other championships. In 2004, he led team Canada to the World Cup Hockey Championship. In five games the other teams were only able to put five goals against him.

He has also distinguished himself by winning many prizes such as the Calder Memorial Trophy in 1994, two NHL All-Star Team Trophies, the World’ Stars Challenge Bowl and many many other medals and trophies.

What I like about Martin is the fact that he has his own personal style. Most goalies use the same butterfly position but Martin stands up more setting down only a knee. He is also good at puck handling and even made a goal during a match where the other goalie had been remove in order to have more offense players on the ice. He is the first goalie ever to have done that. What a great athlete!

by: J.V., 11 yrs. old


10 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Martin Pierre Brodeur | Vancouver 2010

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this article, J.V., because it’s been helping me to enjoy Olympic hockey a little bit more.
    I’ve been watching this evening’s game. Not too great – but Brodeur is spectacular!
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. I like your picture and Martin did good yesterday…………PS Mark-Andre Fleury is better!!!!!!!!! I like the way you have good relations.

  3. The picture looks very realistic. You are a very good drawer 🙂

  4. I like your picture.It looks just like Martin Brodeur.Good Work on the picture and biography.

  5. I like the picture, he looks like he is going to block the puck… thats because he is gonna block the puck! GO MARTIN! I don’t know how you drew this J.V.? His face looks surprised from the puck. But I still don’t know how you drew this. I am REALLY proud of you J.V give yourself a BIG tap on the back.

  6. Hi, I think that you are so right about expressing your feelings on the ice. It is cool that you told us how you go to the arena and how you tell us everything about it. To win a bronze medal he must of been very good.
    KB your post is great.

  7. Hello J.V I am replying to you because I think that you wrote allot. I also think that you worked allot and your picture is very cool. Also your windows are very cool cause I am not a good drawer and I am just a good cartoon drawer. thank you for reading.

  8. I like how good your picture is it is very colourful and his save is cool because it look like a real save and a real goaler.

  9. Cest ca faut que on a perdu parce que il a joué comme un pied. Il a laisser la shot a Zack Pariser top net.

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