Quebec Olympic Athletes: Dominique Maltais (1) \ Vancouver 2010

Dominique Maltais was born on November 9th, 1980 in Petite-Riviere-Saint-Francois in Quebec. Her coach is Marcel Mathieu and she trained on the mountain Le Massif – also in Quebec.

I find I have a little connection to Dominique Maltais. WHY! My brother does snowboarding, and next year I will have courses. I want to do snowboard because, I like the way we get to fall down. You could even do a mini back flip on the snow. Also my BFFE Jojo does snowboard too. We went on this trip with our class. After the lessons in the morning, we were aloud going where we want. So I went with Ally, Ally’s dad and Jojo on the big mountains, it was AWSOME!!! So yah that’s my little connection.

Maltais considers her first snowboarding experience at the age of 11 as a disaster. She said she cried and swore to herself that she would never do it again. Later on she decided she wanted to master the sport.

Dominique’s sport hobbies are downhill Mountain biking, Kayaking, skiing. She plays the piano and saxophone. When she is not training and snowboarding, Dominique works as a Firefighter.

Her nickname on the slopes is DUM DOUM DOMINATRIX!!!

Dominique Maltais began her world cup career in snowboarding the year of 2003-2004. She won two times in Bad Gerstein, Austria. One month later, she won another medal in Berchtesgaden, Germany. At the end of the World Cup Dominique finished fifth for snowboard cross.

Snowboard cross is a type of race that includes 4 racers going downhill at the same time.

Early in the year Dominique caught her first gold medal at an experience in Nassfeld-Hermager, Austria. At the end of the world cup season she led all Canadians in snowboard cross.

Dominique’s season came to a surprising end in December 2006. After an accident at Jeep King of the Mountains event in Utah, Dominique had found out she turned her anterior curiate ligament (ACL) in her left knee. A couple of weeks after she got hurt, Dominique had knee surgery to repair the ACL

Leading up to 2006 Olympics Games at Turin. Dominique had a hard start to her world cup season, recording 8 top crashed, giving the gold medal to Switzerland’s Tanga Frieden. The other player in the four-woman final, Canadian Maelle Ricker, also got into an accident and was not able to finish the race . Dominique Maltais somehow managed to get up from the accident, she had to get back up the mountain to the gate she had fist missed. She was able to finnish the race because only three of the four riders finished the race. Dominique was given the the bronze medal in this race.

On February 16th, 2010, Dominique Maltais will complete for in the 2010 winter games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We will be watching her and wishing her the very best in her attempt to make her dreams come true and win a gold medal for Canada! GO DOMINIQUE!!!!

And I hope you have a good time out there.

by: E.C.., 10 yrs. old


8 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Dominique Maltais (1) \ Vancouver 2010

  1. It is very cool because my uncle has the same last name Maltais ! :). Dont you think it would be cool if Dominique was his cousin.

  2. I like the snowboarder that is REALLY COOL.

  3. I would also like to get lessons for snowboarding it seems very cool to do ! I wish we could go together.

  4. Hi E.C,
    I loved your post about Dominique. My other friend(G.BB)wrote about Dominique’s sister!(Valérie Maltais). I also want to wish you luck with your snowboard lessons. By the way, I never knew that Dominique Maltais did snowboarding?! I thought that Dominique did speed skating. Also, I wish you luck because my other friend(J.R)does some snowboarding and she seemed to fall a lot(not because she is bad because it is hard to snowboard!)

  5. That is a weird nickname for her but also funny.No offense. I wish you all the luck in the world for the snowboarding because I tried it and its hard. 😀

  6. Hey E.C, I like the sport she does. I play lots of sports too.In summer, I play tennis,golf,basketball,soccer,…….I forget the rest…:) Laugh Out Loud! By the way, do you think she plays other sports? So… I hear you’ll be having snowboarding lessons… Good Luck Emy! Hope you have fun over there!(By the way,nice job on the Dominique Maltais Project.:)

  7. Hi E.C.I’m 10 years old in the new year I’ll be 11. The reason I’m telling youabout this is because you said that Dominique Maltaise started snowboarding at the age of eleven . I’ve never been snowboarding but when I’m older I might like to try it. Because if you read my text you will find out that my family has bad luck.

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