Quebec Olympic Athletes: Caroline Calvé | Vancouver 2010

Caroline Calvé is a Canadian Olympic Snowboarder and has been a part of the Nationals for the past four years.

There is a connection between me and Caroline Calvé. It’s that me and her both like to snowboard.We like it a lot. Well I like it a lot because I like how we place ourselves on the snowboard. I don’t know why she likes it but I like it because its FUN !

Calvé was born on October 1st , 1978 in Hull, Quebec. She grew up in Alymer Quebec and now she is 32 years old. She currently lives in Lachine, Quebec. She is a member of the Mont-St-Marie and Mont Tremblant snowboard/ski club. She trains with her coaches Mark Fawcett and Sylvain Jean. She uses a Kessler Board and has a regular stance. She also wears UPZ boots. She is sponsored by Oberson and Uvex. Her nickname is Caro and she speaks both English and French. Caroline Calve is also a part of the Aboriginal background of the Algonquin Heritage, and is a Member of the First Nations Snowboarding team and a member of the Native Alliance of Quebec.

When Caroline Calvé is not Snowboarding she is doing yoga, biking, cross country ski or reading.

In Caroline Calvé’s Team there are: Ariane Lavigne, Kimiko Zackreski Matthew Horison, Pat Farel, Alexa Loo, Jasey-Jay Anderson and Micheal Lambert and of course Caroline Calvé .

In 2007 Caroline Calvé was doing Parallel Slalom and her ranking was 10 and the location was in Arosa, Switzerland. In 2009 Caroline Calvé was doing Parallel Giant Slalom and her ranking was 11 and the place that she was at was called Gangwon, Korea In 2009 when she was doing Parallel Slalom and her ranking was 25 . And now the last one . In 2007 when she was doing Parallel giant slalom her ranking was 29 and ii was in Arosa, Switzerland .

Caroline Calvé won her fist career world cup medal she won a silver medal in Parallel giant slalom in March 2009 she was in 11th place at the 2009 world cup in the same event . Caroline Calvé started her competitive career in 2003 and she got better and better through the years until 2006 and since then she has been in preparation to go to the Olympics. Her team is called Canadian National team. Caroline Calvé will participate in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics winter games.

I hope that she will win the gold medal or silver or bronze but I would be so happy if she would win the gold.

Caroline Calvé also has her own website:

Caroline Calvé

by: J.R, 10 yrs. old


9 responses to “Quebec Olympic Athletes: Caroline Calvé | Vancouver 2010

  1. It’s very cool that Caroline Calve is an Algonquin becaus a few monthes ago in this school year we all did projects on Native Americans. 🙂

    • I agree with you, M.H. I didn’t know that Calve was partly Algonquin until I read J.R.’s article.
      We should try and find out where exactly her people came from. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they came from Odanak?
      Mrs. Theriault

  2. Wow! I had no clue she was Algonquin! I like your illustration of Calve’s name. I like of how much details you put in the text! Great job J.R.! Good luck Caroline Calve!!!

  3. Good work J.R I enjoyed reading your text I learned alot about Caroline Calve and her sport.

    • I really loved to read your post including the part about her first career world cup medal. She won a silver medal in Parallel giant slalom in March 2009.

  4. Good work J.R. Your project is very interesting and you gave a lot of details. I hope she wins a medal also. Go Canada, Go…

  5. Yes,I agree with you too B.W,J.R did give a lot of details and I also learned a lot on Caroline Calve…

  6. WOW! I never knew she was part Algonquin!:)You have good information from her and good work Best Friend!:) By the way, nice letters for the drawing! Great Job with Caroline Calvé! You also have good connections with snowboarding!:)
    From your best friend G.B 🙂

  7. Thank you 🙂 G.B 🙂 and thank you for the comment it was good all of yours were good. Mrs Tériault,if you want me to go on the internet and search for her Algonquin heritage stuff and were she came from if I have time I might go on the internet and search for her and i will be interesting 😛

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