Olympic Athletes: Roberto Luongo | Vancouver 2010

I find ice hockey fun. Trying to put the puck in the other team’s net while trying to stop them from scoring on you. I am a big fan of Roberto Luongo and hope that he helps Canada win the gold medal this year.

Roberto is currently a goaltender with the Vancouver Canucks, a team in the National Hockey League(NHL).He is thirty years old and was born on April 4 in1979. He grew up in the city of St.Leonard, Quebec and he speaks three languages: English,French and Italian. He is a big man, weighing 206 pounds and stands six foot three inches in height.

During his NHL career, he has played for the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers,before joining the Canucks. With Vancouver, he wears the number one on his jersey and is unique among goaltenders, being one of the few who have ever been chosen as team captain.

Roberto has played in many international hockey tournaments. He has played for the Canadian Junior Team on four occasions and his team won one silver medal and two gold medals during these competitions. He also has previous Olympic experience. He played in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy. He has been selected to play for Canada at this year’s Olympic Games in Vancouver. Roberto will share goaltending duties with Martin Brodeur and Marc-Andre Fleury.

Modern ice hockey is played by two teams that compete against each other on a large ice-covered surface. Each player wears skates,protective gear, and an L-shaped stick. A team normally has six players involved in the game at one time:three forwards, two defence men,and one goaltender. It is a very physical sport and injuries frequently occur.

The first time ice hockey was introduced as an Olympic sport was in during the 1920 Summer Olympic games in Antwerp,Belgium. It became a permanent part of the Winter Olympics four years later when the games were held in Haute-Savoie, France.

by: G.C., 10 yrs. old


11 responses to “Olympic Athletes: Roberto Luongo | Vancouver 2010

  1. I love the fact that there is an Italo-Canadian playing Olympic hockey this year. I didn’t even know about him before.
    My husband is origianlly from Italy so this let’s me cher for Canada and Italy at the same time!
    Mrs. Theriault

  2. This post is so cool including the picture. So keep up the good work.

  3. I like the picture that you drew G.C I cant even draw that. It clearly reminds me of my uncle.

  4. Sorry I forgot to logout.

  5. I like the picture that I drew.Its a very good biography but also big.I saw Roberto play against Norway and he got many saves.He played a good game.

  6. I like the picture. I like the pads because of the colours.

  7. I really like the picture. It is very realistic because of the colors and the ” REEBOOK ” logo. Also , the facial details including: the beard, jersey, and pads are also realistic. I hope you make another post soon 🙂

  8. I really like your connection and. ps:your picture rocks:)

  9. Hi,Mr.Luongo fan!!!!!:)

    Awesome picture and there are full of details.I like the Canada team logo.Maybe you can teach me one day how to do it ! Tuesday,team Canada won 8-0 versus team Norway all because of Luongo.

    Thanks G.C 🙂

    P.S: Me too I like luongo so much!!!!!!!!

  10. Luongo had a really nice game on Tuesday night versus team Norway. Team Canada wins 8-0. None of the shots Norway recordedgot in !!!GO CANADA GO !!!

    P.S. We won vs the Swiss 3-2 (f) !!!

  11. Awesome pick “Stranger”, and blog, keep it up, G.C. ur cool. 🙂


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